5 Reasons Why Fluoride in Water Doesn’t Make Sense (Video)


Why do we mass “medicate” with an industrial waste product again??  Is there something in your water – and how much are you paying for it with your health and wealth?

Writer, radio show host and activist Nick Brannigan brings this thoughtful, quick educational video about why fluoridated local water makes no sense at all. It was filmed last year. However, watch and see what you can do in your area.

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Originally published March 10th, 2015
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  • It’s you who is an idiot. The idea that fluoride in enamel prevents tooth decay has been debunked. It is now claimed that the topical effect of fluoride in saliva originating from fluoridated water prevents caries. However, the idea that fluoride concentrations in saliva five orders of magnitude lower than those in bone resulting from decades of being subjected to forced-fluoridation are effective, while the fluoride in bone is safe, is beyond ridiculous. Try thinking for yourself instead of having blind faith in what you were taught.

  • Harvey Thornhart

    Yes, it is true that his assertion that the fluoride “kills the germs..” is false and misguided, but the idea that fluoride in water is beneficial and necessary is also false and misguided. It has been debunked many, many times. It sounds as though your indoctrination in Hygienist school was complete. You need to read and study the facts of the history of fluoridation, where the fluoride comes from that they put in the water and toothpaste, and what the effects of those forms of added fluoride have on the body, including your brain! – From a Registered Nurse with a BS who is capable of gathering, studying, and critically thinking about ALL the data, not just some of it.

  • Harvey Thornhart

    and if fluoride is so beneficial and effective, why have carries rates in fluoridated communities remained the same or increased?

  • Zanoni

    Five Things I Avoid: 1) Fluoride 2) Aspartame 3) GMO’s 4) Vaccines 5) People like Lora who think they know it all but really annoy those of us who do~

  • mothman777

    There is no proof whatsoever that the so-called ‘Nazis’ ever did that at all, except a mantra stating that they did being passed around just as you are passing it round, like a virus.

    I know the ultimate source of this, and it is based entirely on mere hearsay from one man from an account in one book on one single page, with no supporting evidence whatsoever. What we do know is that the Jewish-dominated governments of the USA and UK do in fact use it on their populations right now, today, which is rather strange really, wouldn’t you say, when everyone usually just says; “the Nazis did it”, when they should really be saying “the Jewish governments of today are doing it”.

    The cure for AIDS, and evidently many pathogenic diseases is Tetrasilver Tetroxide, at least so they say, which the Jewish inventor in Israel then refused to manufacture, and had patented so no one else could ever make it anywhere else in the world, just so the AIDs could carry on wiping millions of people out. Nice people eh?

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