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The Prepper's Blueprint Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper's Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists. Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper's Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals.  Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

Hurricane Expert Warns: “Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario”… U.S. Could See Up to 5 Major Hurricanes in 2018

Weather forecasters are telling the public to take this year’s hurricane season seriously and estimating up to 5 major hurricanes will make landfall in 2018. Preparations are paramount! Learn how to make a preparedness plan, what supplies you need and how to prepare the exterior of your home.

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Prep of the Month: The Survival Kit That Fits Anywhere! (GIVEAWAY)

Whether you are looking for a lightweight preparedness kit for the car, your family preparedness supplies, or your bug out bag that will have multipurpose tools to use in an emergency, this would be the kit I would recommend.

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Ask Tess: I’m looking to take my food storage to the next level

A readers asks about using a Hot Jaw in their food storage endeavors and taking their food pantry to the next level.

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Ask Tess: How do I protect my animals from radiation?

Not only is the fear of radiation concerning for humans, but what about those who own livestock? How do you protect your animals and keep them out of harm’s way?

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How Scientists Plan to Feed Billions Without the Help of the Sun

Following a massive volcanic eruption, worldwide famine would quickly follow due to the ash blocking the sun. Scientists are looking into food growing alternatives in order to feed billions worldwide. Can it be done?

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Yellowstone Officials: There “Could be a Supervolcano Eruption Imminently”

With the recent minor eruptions in Yellowstone, officials are admitting to imminent and future eruptions and are currently conducting training exercises to better prepare. Seismologists who have monitored the area have warned for years that the area is under strain and have observed deformation in rocks occurring under Yellowstone for years.

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Prep of the Week: FREE Survival Seeds!

Are you ready to take steps to break free from a dependency-driven system and become a producer instead of a consumer? Here’s your chance!

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Prep of the Week: Prepare for the Worst-Case with Top Tier Gear

The folks at Top Tier Gear believe in preparing for the absolute worst-case scenarios and have been stocking items to get preppers ready for nuclear and biological threats, active shooters, and off-grid scenarios. Here’s a sweet deal for Ready Nutrition readers. Check it out!

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Prep of the Week: Get Your Prepper Pantry Stocked Easy with 50% Off on Wise Food

March is a great time to stock up on your pantry goods with deals around the internet. We found this special from Wise Foods that you should take particular interest in.

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How To Grow Spinach

Spinach is an easy and highly nutritious leafy green to add to the garden this year. For those who are just starting out growing vegetables, this one is a great choice!

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