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Ask Tess: Can I Give My Cat Dog Food in a Disaster?

Help! I ran out of pet food during a hurricane. Can I give my cat a small dish of dog food until the storm passes I can get more food?

Ask Tess: I’m Vacuum Sealing Food For the First Time

A new prepper is vacuum sealing food for the first time and needs some advice on starting her food storage pantry.

Ask Tess: Can I Still Eat Beef Jerky With "White Stuff" On It?

Ask Tess: Can I Still Eat Beef Jerky With “White Stuff” On It?

A reader asks who to handle mold on his dehydrated meat. Is it still edible? Can it be scraped off? Read on for the answer.

Why Will All-Purpose Flour Only Keep a Few Months?

Why Will All-Purpose Flour Only Keep a Few Months?

A reader who has taken steps to prolong her flour for long-term storage asks why is only lasts a few months.

Ask Tess: Can My Vegetable Oil Go Bad?

Ask Tess: Can My Vegetable Oil Go Bad?

Due to the fat content in cooking oils, overtime rancidity could be an issue. A reader asks if oils really do go bad.

Ask Tess: Can a store sell products past their expiration date?

My friend was telling me the other day that a store can sell products past their expiration date. Is this true?

Ask Tess: What’s the best way to prevent bug infestations in my long term food pantry?

I like that you are looking into the best method in protecting your food investment. Insects are one of the food enemies that can wreak havoc on your food stuffs. There are a few different ways you can go about protecting your food sources from insects.

Ask Tess: How long do homemade potato flakes last?

Wondering how long homemade potato flakes will last? Here’s some interesting information on the subject.

Ask Tess: Why are store-bought deodorants so bad?

Why is store-bought deodorant so harmful?

Ask Tess: Should I take the flu vaccine this year?

A reader asks whether or not taking the flu vaccine this year is the right choice for her.

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