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Ask Tess: What is the difference between N95 and N100 respirator masks?

Ask Tess: What is the difference between N95 and N100 respirator masks?

With the concerns of a global pandemic unfolding, a reader asks what the difference between the different respirator masks on the market.

Ask Tess: How can I prepare my family for the future?

A reader asks how he can further prepare his family for the future.

How can I preserve my oxygen absorbers?

A reader asks if there a secret to keeping oxygen absorbers active.

Ask Tess: Can you give me some tips to prepare for floods?

A reader wants to get prepared for floods and is asking for tips and suggestions to get ready.

Ask Tess: How long does homemade sauerkraut last when refrigerated?

A reader wonders how long sauerkraut will last when it is refrigerated.

Ask Tess: How long can I store sprouts?

A reader wonders how long sprouting seeds can be stored and the proper way to store them.

Ask Tess: How can I get my insurance company to allow for extra medication?

A reader is having issues with her insurance company prescribing extra seizure medication for her child in case of an emergency. The community at Ready Nutrition reached out and gave her some solid advice.

Ask Tess: Do I need to rotate my canned vegetables and fruits in my pantry?

A readers asks if they need to rotate their canned vegetables and fruits in their emergency pantry.

Ask Tess: Can I raw pack and can homemade soup?

A reader wants to know if he can raw pack soup.

Ask Tess: Do I need to put an oxygen absorber in the vacuum seal bag, or only in the mylar bag?

A reader asks about the best long term measures for adding oxygen absorbers into vacuum sealed food pouches.

Ask Tess: How do you prevent honey from crystallizing?

A reader asks how to prevent her raw honey from crystallizing.

Ask Tess: How did you teach your kids to keep quiet about your preps?

A reader wants to explain to her young children why it’s important to maintain a level of secrecy about their preparedness supplies.

Ask Tess: Seriously, where do I start?

A reader has started prepping, but realizes there is more to prepping than accumulating supplies. Learn more about how important it is to learn primitive survival skills to fall upon.

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