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Prepping: Basic Beginners Guide - Why Prep? (Pt. 1)

The Beginner's Guide to Prepping

Prepping is for those who are preparing for the unknown future, and for those who see the importance of having necessary items in place before a disaster strikes. This guide is a 2 part series that will give you the basic fundamental knowledge on how to start prepping, help you gain an understanding of why you need to have certain disaster supplies, and give insight on where to get certain supplies.

Survival Food Series: Essential Trees, Bushes and Berries

Venturing out to play the waiting game when hunting for food can be time consuming and at times, unsuccessful. Learn which trees and bushes wild game are naturally attracted too.

DIY: Recipes For Everyday Products

DIY: Recipes For Everyday Products

In order to save a few dimes in my pocket, I’m starting to use my emergency pantry items in other ways ranging from deodorant to furniture polish.

52 Weeks to Preparedness
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