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Bursting With Basil? Here's How to Use It

Bursting With Basil

I look forward to growing basil every year in my garden. Check out these 6 delicious recipes to make the most of your summer’s basil bounty.

5 Recipes to Make the Most of Your Cucumber Harvest

5 Recipes to Make the Most of Your Cucumber Harvest

Many of you who have started gardens are undoubtedly wondering what to do with all of your summer’s bounty. If you have an abundance of cucumbers, look no further. These five delicious recipes will soon become favorites among your household.

Homemade MREs

Homemade MREs

Making your own emergency meals is a convenient way to store a balanced amount of shelf stable foods for a rainy day.

Super Snack: Carrot Apple Salad

Carrot Apple Salad

Carrot apple salad is packed with vitamins and nutrients and gives my kids a needed vitamin boost. The kids like it because it’s simple and tasty, and a does not have a lot of “extras.”

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