Cop Throws a Tantrum After Being Called out for Parking in a Handicap Spot at McDonald’s

Editor’s Note: How much would you be ticketed for parking in a handicap spot without handicap tags merely because you want to run into a McDonalds for lunch? $250? $300? $500 plus additional court costs and fees? Apparently cops can do it whenever they want for free. Unless this guy is mentally handicapped, he deserves a ticket just like anyone else he’d ticket if the car was in the other spot so-to-speak, but instead tries to act all intimidating when he’s called on his otherwise completely douchey behavior.


Webster, MA — An officer will be regretting his actions this week after a video shows him not only parking in a handicap spot, but harassing a man for calling him out on it.

In a short video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, a Webster police officer, illustrates his above the law mentality.

A citizen with a camera decided to film the officer, who was illegally parked in a handicap spot at a McDonald’s restaurant.

When asked if he’s allowed to park there, the officer confirms that he can do whatever he wants.

“So you get to park wherever you want ?” the officer is asked.

“That’s right” replies the officer.

When he starts getting worked up, the officer seemingly threatens the man filming him.

“Do you know who I am?” asks the illegally parked cop.

But the man filming stood his ground as he was the one in the right.

After a brief exchange, the officer tries to turn the tables on the man. He asks for his name and starts to use his police powers as a means of intimating a man for pointing out his wrongdoing.

The video was posted to Reddit Monday morning as well as a link to the Webster Police Facebook. It requested users to let the Webster police department know how they feel about cops who think they are above the law. The responses are great.


Hopefully the video below serves as a message to police that acting above the law will not go unnoticed.

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Originally published March 19th, 2015
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3 Responses to Cop Throws a Tantrum After Being Called out for Parking in a Handicap Spot at McDonald’s

  1. Newest Targeted Individual! Welcome to the gang.

  2. Frank says:

    send to township supv– I just did–hold them accountable

  3. Frank says:

    really!! Rainy314 do you think faded paint or new that a citizen wouldn’t have been ticketed for parking in that space.. Where did you get your hearsay information about the guy badgering the officer inside McDonald’s. Where do you get “your FACTS”. Who did the review and where are the results to show the officer didn’t violate the law. There are probably millions of handicapped parking spaces in the country with faded paint –you take your chances –I won’t park in them. Perception of impropriety — stupid choice

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