Doomsday Clock Ticks 30 Seconds Closer to End Times

doomsday clockHumans have been the cause of our own demise for centuries. Because of our self-destructive natures, scientists created a symbolic Doomsday Clock to show “how close we are to destroying our civilization.” Well Folks, on Thursday, that End Times clock jumped 30 seconds closer to midnight.

Experts who tend to the Doomsday Clock are comprised of a board of the nonprofit Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’  along with input from a board of sponsors which includes 15 Nobel Laureates.

According to the article, “Scientists moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight on Thursday amid increasing worries over nuclear weapons and climate change.

Each year, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a nonprofit that sets the clock, decides whether the events of the previous year pushed humanity closer or further from destruction. The symbolic clock is now two-and-a-half minutes from midnight, the closest it’s been to midnight since 1953, when the hydrogen bomb was first tested.  Scientists blamed a cocktail of threats ranging from dangerous political rhetoric to the potential of nuclear threat as the catalyst for moving the clock closer towards doomsday.”

USA Today

President Trump had a lot to do with their decision to adjust the clock stating it was his ‘careless rhetoric on nuclear weapons and other issues as well as his troubling stance on climate change’ that motivated them to move us closer to end times. The threat of nuclear warfare also played heavily into the time on the clock, as do the dangers of climate change the threat from cyber technology, according to the group’s website.

Are We Really Living in the End Times?

Whether you see logic why scientists moved us up on clock or not, you’d have to be blind not to see how the entire world is in jeopardy. For years we have been staring down the threats of world food shortages, political upheaval, increase in crime across the board, a barrage of civil unrest around the world, economic decline – should I go on?

Perhaps the Doomsday Clocky isn’t too far off. Many of the ultra-rich have taken notice to the turbulent times and have quietly been making preparations to “bug out” when the time comes. One thing is for sure, they are aware of what is happening in the world, the country and locally and you should be paying attention too.

Be aware of what is happening in the world, the country, and your immediate locale.

Many believe these issues are the perfect recipe for catastrophe. While we can theorize about what may or may not happen, we need to understand that we are operating on limited information. Logically speaking, the best way to prepare for the unpredictable nature of these types of scenarios is by getting ready for them and making preparations ahead of time.

The following are ways to prepare for these erratic disasters:

  •   Start preparing your home, your family and mind for more difficult times.
  • Create a food pantry. Creating a food supply is very beneficial to your budget. It is an investment into your future livelihood. One thing analysts and financial pundits agree on is that, in general, commodities will continue to rise. When others are buying foods at inflated prices, you will be consuming your investment when it was purchased at a lower price. Using a combination of shelf stable foods, you can create a well-rounded food supply to depend on when an emergency arises.
  • Simplifying your lifestyle. Before you begin investing, take steps to get out of debt. Debt only enslaves you further, and simplifying your lifestyle can help break those shackles. Learn about these 6 ways to simplify your lifestyle.
  • Preserve your wealth. Choose hard assets (dry goods, precious metals, land, livestock, skills, etc.) for long-term investments so they will hold their intrinsic value over time. Holding these types of investments will insulate you from inflation and other economic issues. Further, by tying your money up in assets it will help you avoid spending the money, thus furthering your cause of self-reliant living.
  • Become a neo-pioneer! Carve a path in your life where you are no longer dependent on consuming at stores to live. Garden and grow your own food, raise livestock, learn skills to live self-reliantly, barter for goods and services.

No one knows for certain if the Doomsday Clock is accurate or if we are any closer to doomsday than we were yesterday, but what we do know is it’s an indicator of how tumultuous the times may be. And, as we learned throughout history, sometimes even the best of intentions can have disastrous consequences.

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Originally published January 26th, 2017
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  • bsroon

    The world came within about 3 weeks of being killed in essence. Imagine a planet without plants.
    GMOrons made a transgenic Klebsiella Plantigo soil bacteria to make crop residue turn into alcohol. Couple problems here. 1) What is supposed to feed the next crop if you don’t return nutrients to the soil from crop residue? You are already taking some nutrition away with the crop itself. 2) Klebsiella is an almost ubiquitous soil bacteria. It’s found all over the world where plants grow. 3) Kleb grows INSIDE many plant’s roots. 4) Alcohol kills almost any plant.

    i used to get microbrewery malt sometimes, and sometimes it would be fermenting. That spot would not grow for a good 9 months – in N California with good weather to process the soil life… It kills wild mustard – a roundup tolerant superweed. It kills vegetables, grains, grasses, weeds, bushes, trees….

    So the GMOrons were within about 3 weeks of releasing this into the wild when their test plants all were killed off, but none of the controls died. Hmmm. Almost like nature works, and rich people screw things up. (they fund and push this technology so they can increase their control and profits)

    When it became released, it would contaminate wild Kleb genetics as every other GMO made crop has done. Dust devils would take it into the wind. Birds would take dust baths and carry it long distances. Shipping containers would be loaded on tankers and cross oceans. Winds would blow it across oceans. (Saharan dust blows onto the Amazon rain forest) In other words, in a relatively short time, the entire world would be devoid of most if not all it’s oxygen producing photosynthetic materials, and we with most life, would die.

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