Scientists Believe if Solar Storms Hit Earth, We Could Be Off the Grid For a Decade

[Editor’s Note: If you were warned you have only 12 hours before a major solar storm hits the earth that has the likelihood of disrupting our entire power grid for an indefinite amount of time, would you be ready? As outlandish as this sounds, many scientists believe we are overdue for another event similar to the 1859 Carrington Event.

Due to our total dependence on the grid, if another coronal mass ejection or EMP similar to the size of the 1859 Carrington Event occurred, it would have devastating consequences and would quickly kick off a chain of events that would prompt breakdowns in under prepared cities and urban centers.]

According to an article at Natural News, it could take years of even a decade before the power grid and some sense of normalcy can be restored. In the meantime, there is a strong likelihood that millions of people — particularly those living in urban areas — will perish within a short time after the event.

Without power to the cities, social order will quickly collapse and mayhem will ensue.

The UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has just released its Space Weather Preparedness Strategy, which outlines “the nature of the risk to the UK from severe space weather, our progress to prepare for the risk and our priorities for future work.”

The strategy for preparing for such occurrences, according to the Brits, is threefold:

The UK approach to space weather preparedness is set out in this document and is underpinned by three elements: designing mitigation into infrastructure where possible; developing the ability to provide alerts and warnings of space weather and its potential impacts; and having in place plans to respond to severe events. Preparation is needed to the national level, with the support of local capabilities to deal with the consequences. This all requires of international co-ordination.

The document points out the fact that “awareness of the risk is low” and that the public needs to be informed that when a major solar storm occurs, there will be a maximum 12-hour warning period before the harmful x-rays and radiation reach the Earth.

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Originally published October 2nd, 2015
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5 Responses to Scientists Believe if Solar Storms Hit Earth, We Could Be Off the Grid For a Decade

  1. N_Disnye says:

    Might be a good thing if it stopped kids and adults even, spending half their life on pointless social websites. They would have to learn how to look after themselves.

    But let’s face it, it hasn’t happened since the age of electricity arrived, but we just might have had many solar storms, so…???

    • JeromefromLayton says:

      Until you ask the question “How does all that other stuff get to me and what happens if the sewer pumps and plants stop working? By the way, a Carrington event while huge is an extremely low frequency event that won’t harm cars or electrical devices with short wires inside it. Super long lengths of metal such as pipe lines, power lines, and rail lines are at risk and need protection.

      Yes, there have been a lot of solar storms, but two factors apply: First, how big is it? Carrington’s flare was so big that it was unusual at the time; so, he drew pictures of it. So, there may be two or three of them a year. Second, is the direction. The ejection would have to hit the earth within less than 500,000 miles to interact with the magnetic field. Since our orbit around the sun is a little over 600 Million miles, that works out to one part in 1,200,000 in two directions. This is harder to do than a sniper hitting a one foot square plate at ten miles. So, the chances of it are small at any time, but it will happen again. We just don’t know when.

  2. JeromefromLayton says:

    There was a bill passed out of the House to harden our infrastructure (especially the grids) that had a price tag around $1-2 Billion or about the price of one B-2 bomber. Killed by Senator Murkowski because it didn’t have goodies in it for Alaska. Bottom line: If there is 12 hours warning and protective devices are installed (mostly high capacity spark gaps and transfer switches), the damage would be minimal. Please don’t reelect her.

  3. bsroon says:

    Decade? With every power transformer in the nation out – who is going to build the replacements? It would take 2 years at 24/7/365 – IF you had power!!!

    So, the water pumps go out, and NO city has more than 7 days worth of food. Gangs/police have confiscated all the available food, the urban areas are a disease vector. People too stupid to know better will cause huge disease outbreaks through improper sanitation. Those who survive MIGHT make it into rural areas – where some will be shot trying to eat that chicken that needs to lay years worth of eggs and raise more hens so that others can eat too. They will kill that cow when it needs to supply milk and calves – but in desperation they will just think burger.
    If they manage to kill it and not get killed by the owner/farmer – they will undoubtedly waste too much, may not preserve the excess they couldn’t eat right out….

    People think – oh – we’ll be in the horse and buggy days. Idiots – do you see enough horses and buggies to serve any significant group of people? Do you know of anyone that has draft horses AND the necessary plows, disks, harrows, drills, and cultivators to grow enough food for a hundred people? No – you probably don’t.

    Between the diseases, the riots, the fighting from the survivors – we’d be lucky to stop at the stone age’s worst.

    Ten years? These scientists are so oblivious because they think technology can solve anything – when reliance ON tech will cause the problem they have to fix. Hmmm. Technotards.

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