Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal-Mandates All Homes Must Be Connected To Electricity & Water Grid

off grid

Living “off the grid”” is a rather common thing in Florida, but now laws are threatening these people’s way of life. It is now illegal for them to live “off the grid.”


Robin Speronis a lady who chooses to live off the grid in Florida loves being independent of the city’s water and electric system. But, a few weeks ago officials ruled her home to be illegal! These officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes must be connected to an electric grid and a running water source. This means our dependence on the corporate world is mandatory. We have no choice, doesn’t sound like we’re so free after all no does it? Robin has been self-sufficient for quite some time now using solar energy and rain water. In the end, she was found not guilty of not having a proper sewer or electrical system but was found guilty for not being hooked up to an approved water supply, How crazy.

Is living off the grid really illegal?

Technically, yes. It is, to live off the grid means that you are not hooked up to any corporate or municipal utilities making you disconnected from these things. It is illegal to be disconnected to these things making it illegal to live off of the grid.

Beyond the grid

We have a colossal potential; we are just not aware of it. Substantial living is not about giving up a particular type of life. You can still have all of the common things you just make them work differently. Living off the grid will cause corporations to lose control, and this is why people like Robin are given trouble to start with. As a race, we do not need to be dependent on corperations for basic things like we are nowadays. In order to move forward and progress properly we need to take this into our own hands and do things for ourselves.

State hassle at it’s finest

Earlier this year the state of Texas brought in several different SWAT teams and  they entered a sustainable community in order to threaten to shut it down. All of the members of this community were handcuffed and kept at gunpoint. This community was called ‘The Garden Of Eden Community’ and was able to completely sustain itself. There are many instances of things like this happening the corporations don’t want us living off of the land by no means.

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Originally published June 19th, 2015
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  • Mr.Joe

    What can you expect from a state run by the Bush crime syndicate.

  • Beth Raynor

    I dont hear anyone saying Robin has to USE the city water and electricity, and that she isn’t free to use her solar power and rainwater instead if she wants… but what does Robin do with her sewage, for example? What happens when she wants to sell her house and the new owner wants/expects to be on the grid (do the taxpayers have to pay to hook it up? Do the neighbors have any right to say they don’t want improperly treated sewage seeping into the groundwater?) trust me I’m as skeptical of the government as anyone gets but I also think this is a much more complicated issue (affecting the rights of other state residents) than this article means us to think.

    • isnamthere

      Way to go, Beth. Stick up for the man. They love you, you’re nice and obedient.

      • john haggle

        Also good comment. The greatest potential problem is overgrown and expanding government moving toward totalitarianism…. not the off the grid person using inappropriate waste disposal etc. Keep posting…!!!

      • isnamthere

        Thanks, but let’s also keep to the facts:

        “In the end, she was found not guilty of not having a proper sewer or electrical system…”

        Could’ve been worded better, but she was not found to have “inappropriate waste disposal.”

    • Glenn Festog

      Plenty of homes here in Florida are on individual septic systems. Further, as a former builder of Earthships, off-the-grid homes have a good resale factor. How many homes can you purchase with utilities included? That’s kind of a null question in re: resale.

      • john haggle

        Love your reply comment. It was informative and the reader had lots of questions answered easily from Your real world experience. Also… Keep posting these kind of comments … PLEASE …. we need them.

    • john haggle

      Good questions. However, you have overwhelmingly sided your dialogue with opposition to off the grid living. This leaves the reader with a bit of scepticism on your comments being biased. Still, some of your questions deserve asking, like regulations concerning inappropriate waste disposal. That question however deserves another question. Will waste disposal regulations be one rule/law for everything? …. OR …. inspections (without fees) to reasonably insure waste is correctly disposed of?

      • Erik Kilpatrick

        If a septic tank stops digesting the waste, symptoms arise within a week or so….You just can’t flush or pour bleach or ammonia down the drain.

      • Tess

        I have always heard that pouring bleach in your septic tank can damage the septic tank. http://www.ses-company.com/resource-center/does-bleach-hurt-septic-system.html

      • Erik Kilpatrick

        Right Tess…Read my second sentence again….

    • Andre Gillies

      Its called a septic tank Beth, many people have them. Pay to get them pumped every couple of years. Look it up, I’m sure you’ll be enlightened…. yawn.

    • al p

      As soon as you said ‘what if she wants to sell her house…’ you lost me. SO we are to design laws that impact the entire State based upon a supposition that someone MAY do something? And then you ridiculously talk of affecting the rights of others when the entire point is that the RIGHTS OF OTHERS are being trampled. Such double-speak exposes operatives and those with vested interests every time.

    • tinfoilhatttt

      Do a little research on “composting toilets”.

      All 3 times I’ve bought undeveloped property *I* was the one who had to pay for utility installation, not the taxpayers.

      As far as the neighbors not wanting improperly treated sewage seeping into the groundwater, if they are all obediently hooked up to the grid they won’t be using the groundwater and hence would not be at risk of getting sick even if she DID dispose of her sewage improperly [much like, “if vaccines actually work then I can’t make you sick if I’m not vaccinated”.]

    • abinico

      If there is no bank loan involved, you can sell anything in any condition – just go down to the county office and have the deed recorded. It really is simple – if there is NO bank loan involved (I.E. cash sale). And taxpayers will NEVER have to pay to connect to the grid, water system, or a public sewer system. Any septic spillover damages the neighbors have the right to report it and to sue. And as to solar/rainwater – depends on local rules – in some areas it is illegal to collect and keep rainwater that falls on your property – believe it or not.

    • Erik Kilpatrick

      Have you ever heard of a septic tank?…They have been in use for a couple hundred years….and are a proven and reliable way to digest human waste…

  • AffinityNetNews

    “Show me your lawful jurisdiction”!

    They have none … here’s why.

    This must become everyone’s new mantra as we devolve ever downward into the pit of hell by the collectivist socialist psychopathic control-freaks at the United Nations Incorporated, and their unlawful invasive Agenda 21 pogrom to completely destroy our sovereign 50 state union.

    What this is really about is, international marxist/fascist authoritarian corporate power and control over We The People.

    You need to learn what I am about to share with you, or you too could become their next victim trapped in the vice-grip of de facto (meaning, unlawful and fraudulent) despotic and tyrannical mere ‘corporate-policies’, that are not in any way lawful, or based in constitutional law Anglo Saxon Common Law, or God’s Law known as ‘Natural Law’ that recognizes our God-given Rights to freedom and liberty to live as we wish, as long as we are not hurting someone else or destroying someone else’s property.

    We do not have a lawful de jure Constitutional government from federal down to city level anywhere in occupied Amerika any longer. We now live in a lawless, evil and corrupt cesspit of de facto, illegitimate crushing Statues, Codes, regulations, fines, fees, taxes, licenses, permits and de facto laws that often are oppressive and Malum in se, meaning that they are ‘morally evil and unjust by their very creation’.

    What we do have is:

    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., a private foreign owned off-shore international criminal banking/military cartel that has been masquerading as our sovereign constitutional representative government since the Act of 1871, when our nation was bankrupted and ‘incorporated’ and then collateralized, hypothecated and monetized (this includes We The People), as incorporated-debt-slaves to the Rothschild/Vatican/British Crown criminal banking cartel as surety to be ‘forced’ by the foreign privately owned and completely criminal IRS, to pay-off all past, present and future debts owed by USA Inc., which none of the American people are shareholders of, so the debts incurred by USA Inc., is NOT our debt.

    Let that sink in … The IRS is NOT in any way connected to a de jure so-called ‘government’. It is a private foreign owned off-shore corporation. A no-bid private contractor, a ‘mere’ 3rd party collection agency for the private foreign owned off-shore Federal Reserve/Treasury Department/IMF/Crown Corporation.

    You are being ‘forced’ to pay your hard-earned money every pay-check to a private foreign owned criminal banking/military cartel at the Financial District of London.

    If you enjoy your occupational subjugation and enslavement by all means, remain clueless, ignorant and above all spineless, and silent and continue to obey your corporate masters. Maybe they will grant you a pat on the head someday for being such a good little sheep!

    However, if you are like me, mad-as-hell, and fed-up with being crushed under this completely evil and corrupt and ever-increasing militarized corporate thug police-state, with its millions of mere corporate policies, that has absolutely no lawful authority, jurisdiction or lawful interstate nexus within the geographical landmass of our 50 state union, I urge you to learn what I’m presenting and much more.

    ALL federal, state, county and city so-called government, agencies, departments, agents, representatives, law enforcement, officers of the court, any and all public officials are:

    ‘Agents of Foreign Principle’ meaning they represent and are in direct collusion with foreign hostile corporate powers and are traitors, felons and thus criminals ! Pursuant to their own US Statue Codes, 18, 22, 26, and 28, which they completely ignore and unlawfully function under Misprision of Felony as ‘Foreign Mercenary Agents’ invading our sovereign 50 state union, which is an open act of war against the American people who are unlawfully and criminally held hostage as debt-slaves for debts we did not incur, nor are we lawfully responsible for, and without our knowledge or consent.

    We The People are being subjugated, enslaved, oppressed, and held as actual foreign corporate property as ‘human resource’, ‘soulless units of commerce’, ‘corporate fictional entities’, and are classified by USA Inc., as:

    ‘Enemies-of-the-Corporate-State’ by merely existing on their self-proclaimed corporate property.

    So, what do we do about it ?

    We beat them at their own corrupt game by using their own statues, codes, regulations and corporate policies against them by making them ‘PROVE LAWFUL JURISDICTION’.

    They have none and they know it!

    I personally have defeated the criminal IRS, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, and numerous big collection agencies for myself and others with this knowledge.

    You can also.

    REMEMBER: There is NO lawful de jure government – only mere corporations since 1933.

    Please for your sake and our nation research: ‘America Is a Corporation’. Learn how to empower yourself and others. Create study groups locally and unite in knowledge and strength against this evil and invasive foreign occupational enemy.

  • abinico

    I just want to make it very clear that the “International Property Maintenance Code” does NOT mandate anything. The IPMC is not law; does not have the weight of law; it simply describes ‘desirable’ practices and conditions – that is all. However, there are jurisdictions that do incorporate the IPMC into their building code rules.

  • TR

    Big Red State Govt.

    • Erik Kilpatrick

      But I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts this local government, in an overwhelming liberal stronghold part of Florida and Siting a bullshit “International Property Maintenance Code” is run by Democrats.

  • Beth Raynor

    the fact is that in a highly populated area (like most of the state of Florida) the way each of us choose to live (and manage our property) does affect other members of the community, and that IS the reason that government is a necessary evil, to make sure each persons choices don’t adversely affect others. What happens if there is a fire – betchya Robin calls the CITY fire department – and are they supposed to extinguish the fire with buckets of rainwater? What if they fail and the houses next door burn down as a result – whose fault would that be? Sure it’s a what-if scenario but that’s why we need laws in-advance of the “what-if” to establish liability. No one told Robin she couldn’t use solar panels and rainwater (that technically belongs to the public water table and we would all be in-trouble if enough people decided to start capturing it or hoarding it individually). There are a lot greater government evils to worry about than this. Wish all this anti-totalitarianism would show up at the damn polls or city council meetings. But no.

    • Erik Kilpatrick

      Robin pays property tax, Robin calls 911 if her house catches fire…is that not fair?….If Robin lives in a rural area, Every Fire truck carries water…if Robin pay property tax inside City limits, a Fire Hydrant will suffice…is that no fair? if Robin fails to pay property taxes she will lose her property….Who died and gave the water under Robins’ house to the Government? Who died and gave the water falling from the sky to the Government?…Your collectivist indoctrination runs counter to individual American’s Rights and Freedoms…come correct

  • Gary Causer

    Move! Plenty of room to anchor outside of city limits.

    Fill the jails. Suck your thumb and whine!

    Or wallow in fear!

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