Hand Pollinating Squash Plants

Guest post written by: Elizabeth Fogle of http://pgfarmcolorado.blogspot.com/

Back story:  I was talking to a wonderful lady at church about how my garden was doing, a few years ago.  She asked if I had any female squash flowers.  I must have given her that “What??” look.  She then started to explain male and female flowers.  It is so simple, and I thought I would share.

The top 2 pictures are of a male flower.  Pretty flower with a straight stem.  The bottom pictures are of a female squash plant.  They look like they have been pollinated, but they haven’t yet…. and if you know the difference between a male and female flower you can hand pollinate them.

Male Plant

Female Plant

To Pollinate Squash Plants

1. Remove petals from male plants.

2. Use the male flower like a paint brush to pollinate the female flower.


3. You can tell you have done it right if the flowers wilt by the next morning.


4. Here is the squash that will grow from our hand pollinating.


Guest post written by: Elizabeth Fogle of http://pgfarmcolorado.blogspot.com/

About the Author: I am a wife and mother trying to provide the best for my family.  I love canning, gardening, sewing, quilting, and homesteading.  I started this blog to help bring money into my family, but now I do it so that future generations may look up valuable soon to be lost information.

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Originally published September 1st, 2013
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