High Levels of vitamin D Can cause Strokes and Heart Attacks

imagesWe all want to stay healthy, and for many that means topping up our vitamin and mineral levels with supplements. Scientist from the University of Copenhagen had long known that low levels of vitamin D was detrimental to health, but their new study looked at what high levels of vitamin D do to the body.

The results shocked them. They found that blood levels of vitamin D above 100 nanomol per litre of blood increased the risk of dying from a stroke or coronary.

“If your vitamin D level is below 50 or over 100 nanomol per litre, there is an greater connection to deaths. We have looked at what caused the death of patients, and when numbers are above 100, it appears that there is an increased risk of dying from a stroke or a coronary. In other words, levels of vitamin D should not be too low, but neither should they be too high. Levels should be somewhere in between 50 and 100 nanomol per litre, and our study indicates that 70 is the most preferable level,” Peter Schwartz states.

“These are very important results, because there is such great focus on eating vitamin D. We should use this information to ask ourselves whether or not we should continue to eat vitamins and nutritional supplements as if they were sweets. You shouldn’t simply up the dose to feel better. We should only consume such vitamins in close coordination with our GP,” Peter Schwartz concludes. (source)

This is the first time that having an excess of vitamin D in the blood has been linked to ill health. You can read more here.

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Originally published March 11th, 2015
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6 Responses to High Levels of vitamin D Can cause Strokes and Heart Attacks

  1. Carl-Cathy Wisnesky says:

    So, for a person that gets little to no sun each day, what dosage of D3 is sufficient to keep one’s level at around 70? That info would have been very helpful & would also have informed people taking too much D3 that they were overdosing.

  2. Sounds like the AMA and Big Pharma want to scare people out of being healthy. Vitamin D prevents cancer and many other chronic ailments. If people believe these crooks, they are so naive or just downright stupid.

  3. Gerry Miller says:

    This info is totally incorrect. Most people have a shocking low levels of Vitamin D3 and should supplement at least 5000 International units each day. Some people take 15,000 IU’s each day. Totally bogus info given here. Don’t believe a word of this crap. For correct information on Vitamin D3, check out this site: http://www.gemsintunewithnature.com/vitamin-d3/

  4. Buffet says:


  5. the oncoming storm says:

    wow….and the propaganda mill grinds out MORE bollocks to scare the masses into bowing down at the alter of pharmaceuticals. this article is an absolute JOKE.

  6. BigMG says:

    Read “Vitamin D”, by Ian Wishart before spreading the pharma propaganda.
    First, don’t think that supplements are the same as sunlight. But, you can’t market and profit off of sunlight.
    Sounds like another correlation is not causation case that only profits pharma.

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