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In this week’s episode Mark and Rory go in-depth with ways that people can be better prepared to defend themselves, their families and their homes.

The show covers the basics, getting to know your weapon, safe gun handling, drawing and presenting and the importance of dry-fire practice. If you’re already a Ninja, you may not learn a lot from this information. But, if you are the typical gun owner, you will probably gain a lot of valuable insight into what may work for you. Give it a listen and determine what works best for you and your situation.

We go through information to help you avoid getting “lured into a false sense of skill”. Simply because you have been to the practice range and fired a few rounds or a few hundred rounds at a paper target. Paper targets are criminals attacking you or breaking into your home while you are a sleep. Do not kid yourself, paper targets are “not fighting with a gun”, that is not defending yourself or your family. Until you train with a professional or spend countless hours incorporating the information (not advice) that Mark presents, you could actually find yourself in more trouble than you ever thought possible.

While handling your weapon, especially if you are in a training scenario with other people, the information presented will help you to understand how important gun safety is to you and the people around you. Is your weapon loaded? Are some of the moving parts showing wear? Is your weapon cleaned on a regular basis, regardless of use?

Personally, my wife and I have completed some professional training and I go the practice range regularly. This does not make me a Ninja nor does it necessarily mean that I am fully prepared to face a criminal that intends to do my family harm, period. What I am going to do is incorporate some of the information that I have learned and begin applying it to my life. There is nothing more important to me than my wife. It would be a very sad day to know that I could not defend her simply because I had been to the range, shot a few thousand rounds at a non-moving, non-aggressive piece of paper and failed to teach my muscles how to respond.

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Originally published May 5th, 2014
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