New “Honey on Tap” Invention Will Change the Beekeeping Industry

For anyone looking into caring for bees, this is the article for you! The biggest concern for beekeeping newcomers is acquiring all of the needed equipment, as well as finding the time involved in collecting the honey. You are right to have these concerns – caring for bees is a commitment. You have to invest time and attention to ensuring the beehives have what they need to thrive, and some of us just don’t have the time for this. But all that is about to change.

Cedar and Stuart Anderson, two out-of-the-box thinking beekeepers have developed a revolutionary new way to care for bees – a more hands off approach, if you will. According to their website,

We are very excited to introduce our new invention that allows you to enjoy fresh honey straight out of your beehive without opening it. It’s far less stress for the bees and much, much easier for the beekeeper. This will be available very soon.

Honey on Tap

The two beekeepers developed a different type of frame called a Flow Frame that allows honey to be harvested directly from the hive without opening the hive and with little disturbance to the bees. The Flow frames are designed to fit inside standard boxes. According to the website, they are compatible with Langstroth size deep boxes and are inserted into standard bee supers (boxes) in much the same way as standard frames.

On February 23rd, 2015, they will be launching their kickstarter campaign for this product. Think of it, a bee hive that requires no expensive processing equipment, the mess and stickiness of the honey is minimized and the bees are hardly even disturbed! What a great product!

This new invention could permanently change the way we keep bees. This hands off approach will not stress bees out as much, thus helping them supply for honey. Check out their website for more information on this great product!

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Originally published February 17th, 2015
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  • Richard Wahd

    Splendid! Now we just have to find out what’s reducing the numbers of bees! One thing I’ve always wanted to do is take the RF shielding from a few old microwave ovens and cover a hive box with it. and compare it to an unshielded hive box just to see if it’s the cell towers disrupting the bees. Somebody ought to tell Burt about this!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Many things are disrupting bees. Increased radiation and hot nano particles thanks to DU used in wars and most recently a very notable and ongoing nuclear power plant catastrophe in Japan. The poisons which are so ubiquitous and increasing due to GMO crops which use more. GMO crops themselves disrupting their normal food supply is probably also contributing and the likelihood of RF contamination from cell phones, wifi and all other wireless communications no doubt. Some humans suffer obvious debilitating effects from them, I certainly get tinnitus only when I am in built up and technology filled areas. The combination of these things besides the direct damage some of them do contributes to weakness and stress which lead to the bees contracting disease and parasites they could normally withstand through natural immunity and the self regenerating power of Allah’s creations of life. We are overwhelming the creative force with destructive ones. Every step which addresses this imbalance by any individual even is however a step back to the balance which is the natural order. This invention must improve things by removing at least the stress of traditional beekeeping and increasing the number of places bees will be given a chance to thrive. Niches will be found.

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