Scientists Reveal Fukushima Doused Everyone on Earth With Radiation

When the crisis at the Fukushima power plant first began six years ago, there were legitimate fears that the radioactive particles spewing from the fuel rods could blanket the Earth. Since then the experts and the mainstream media have downplayed that possibility. Either they don’t think it’s possible, or they don’t think it’ll be significant. But recently, scientists in Norway have revealed that the radiation emitted from Fukushima really did have a global reach.

It’s been over half a decade since Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown due to the effects of a tsunami which struck the island nation, but scientists are only just now confirming its far-reaching effects. After conducting the first worldwide survey to measure the ultimate radiation exposure caused by the reactor meltdown, researchers at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research finally have a figure on exactly how much extra radiation humanity was exposed to.

According to the group’s data, over 80 percent of the radiation that was released by the meltdown ended up in either the ocean or ice at the north and south poles. Of the remaining radiation, each human on the planet received roughly 0.1 millisievert, which equates to about “one extra X-ray each,” according to the team.

Fortunately, that’s not a whole lot of radiation. That’s significantly less than the average amount of background radiation that most people receive in a year. The fact that we all received the equivalent of an x-ray isn’t alarming. What is alarming, however, is the fact that Fukushima did this, and it did it to every man and woman and child on Earth.

The reason why that’s so scary is that the Fukushima disaster is still unfolding. Earlier this year it was revealed that the level of radiation at the power plant was at its highest level since this crisis began in 2011, and the fuel rods have likely melted through their containment vessel. If this situation isn’t contained, then these fuel rods could melt into the groundwater, and spew radioactive particles into the ocean for years (or at least, more than what the power plant is already leaking into the ocean).

And we have to consider that as long as those fuel rods aren’t properly stored, they could still explode. If at any point in the next few decades, (which is how long most experts believe it’s going to take to decommission the power plant) the workers at Fukushima fail to keep the rods cool, they could become critical and cause an eruption of radioactive smoke that would spread throughout the atmosphere.

That’s why the discovery made by these Norwegian researchers should be taken seriously. We know for a fact that the radiation from Fukushima is capable of reaching everyone on our planet. So if the situation in Fukushima ever worsens, we know that there will be nowhere to run to. There will be no escaping the lethal emanations from that power plant.

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Originally published May 15th, 2017
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28 Responses to Scientists Reveal Fukushima Doused Everyone on Earth With Radiation

  1. Pete Barnshaw says:

    Don’t you have any idea what you have done here? Well, I’m gonna … Private Hudson: Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal! …. Private Hudson: [frightened] We’re all gonna die, man. … Corporal Hicks: It’s worth the try, but we don’t know if that’s gonna affect them.

  2. randy wellman says:

    and japan fiddles, as the WORLD burns!

  3. BigFish92672 says:

    0.1 mSv over 6 years is a VERY small amount of radiation, only an Alarmists would even see fit to mention it

    • CanOfSauce says:

      It’s not much when evenly distributed over the entire population of the earth. Unfortunately, that is not what happened.

      • BigFish92672 says:

        Read the article. They calculated no one outside Japan received more than 0.1mSv.
        Tell me, what does “unfortunately” mean to you?

      • Muhammad Abbass says:

        No son they did not calculate that NOBODY outside Japan got more than 0.1mSv. LOL. How quaint the way humans try to shield themselves from grim reality. Please back up and adjust your thinking, you have hastily mis-read the facts. Everyone on earth got 0.1mSv. In fact some people will have will have received FAR MORE. I can tell you that the crews of at least two US carrier groups got a full blast of the initial cloud, then they filled their desalination tanks with the initial blast of radioactive water and sailed down the US West coast inside the radioactive plume the whole way. The ships have been stripped and refitted to little avail and the crews (over 40,000) are suffering increasingly debilitating effects. They started having miscarrariages aboard the USS Ronald Reagan within a week of Fukushima.

        My ex wife and daughter have both contracted thyroid problems which are text book first effects of ingested low level ionising radiation and the ex has lost a lung to lung cancer, she’s a healthy fit non-smoker but lung cancer is one of the first effects of ingested low level ionising radiation which is why many countries are suddenly seeing a sharp rise in lung cancer despite it having been falling rates for years as smoking became less common. Doctors agree with me, both girls have probably picked up radioactive particles in their trips to the Northern Hemisphere. We are in Australia and are seeing results of low level ionising radiation in the environment also. By the way go find out about the Pacific Ocean. It has become adead zone.

      • BigFish92672 says:

        Your thyroid problems are not from receiving 0.1 mSv over 6 years, though

      • Muhammad Abbass says:

        LIke I said your reading comprehension shows a lot to be desired. So far you have misunderstood nearly everything you have commented on to a degree that makes one wonder if you are mentally impaired. You do realise that the brains of people exposed to low levels of radiation over time deteriorate I wonder?

        I do not have any thyroid problems. My ex- wife and daughter’s thyroid problems are most probably from inhaling low level ionising radioactive particles. A few is all you need. A few nano scale particles of plutonium or other alpha emitter in your body will settle into lungs, thyroid, other organs or bones where that microscopic dosage of alpha and beta radiation directly hitting cells because it is amongst them, will not kill them but it will break DNA and VOILA you pea-brain we have cell mutations. That is why so called “Depleted Uranium” is such a horror story and it is the big bad news they deliberately go to great lengths to withold from you. They talk only about gamma and write off Alpha and Beta because they’re so weak but that presupposes you’re being indirectly exposed to it, try adding it to your organism.

        I am very well versed and have the background and I am telling you you are clueless. Maybe you are already so affected as to be useless to yourself though, your failure to comprehend simple sentences is quite unusual and marked. You may already have told us why in your first post. Good luck with denial. I hear it is still lovely although a little crowded these days.

  4. BigFish92672 says:

    I’m a 9 minute drive from 3 reactors. What is it I’m suppose to be worried about, again?

    • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu says:

      you could try and shut those reactors down….public outcry has worked..I lived on Long Island NY, back in the 1970s…A nuclear power plant was proposed at Shorham, NY…..Natives, like my self said that you could never evacuate 7 million people from LI, if a nuclear power plant had a radioactive leak. Of course, the politicians, in bed with the military industrial complex cartel companies…..said..” Well, we shall see”….so they spent billions of dollars building Shorham. There were endless committees and open meetings with this group and that group. Finally, after the plant was running at 10% power…the politicians said..” Oh yeah…we agree you can’t evacuate 7 million people from LI in time” ( the problem is that there are only four bridges that connect the island to the mainland……in a crush…those bridges create the bottle neck and it doubles the time to get off the island)…..Now, of course…..any one who lived on LI, and tried to get off the island during a holiday…say Thanksgiving to visit grandma,,,knows that the traffic is backed up, horribly….( a 3.5 hour trip from LI to CT., took 7 hours during one Thanksgiving weekend)…but in all those years of “debate”…the lawyers and companies got their money….It took another billion dollars to close the plant….YOU could get local activists to start working to close those reactors that are close to you. Or you could just pray…they don’t spring a leak…

    • Muhammad Abbass says:

      You have nothing to worry about. You’ll be dead so fast it won’t matter. The answer is simple. I I was you, I would move. To another country.

      • BigFish92672 says:

        Ummm…I’ve lived here 28 years though. The plutonium is encased in concrete and steel. How does plutonium get through that?
        If you know nuclear physics, why do you feel the need to lie? Do you not know the deaths per 100,000 per KW-hr of the various forms of energy?

      • Muhammad Abbass says:

        I am not lying, you are just a fool. I never said plutonium gets through anything you clown. It is the desired product. My god your comprehension is shocking.

  5. genann59 says:

    All those animals dying on the west coast are not dying from climate change, they are dying from the radiation from Fukushima. Vast parts of the Pacific Ocean are now dead zones, in which there is nothing left alive in them.Was reading just the other day from a reporting site about nuclear radiation events that there is a huge blob of radioactive waste not far off the coast of San Francisco. This event is not anywhere near over and could prove to be the end to a lot of other worries about world events. It could kill all of us off first.

  6. Michelle Chadima says:

    This also means that every animal on the planet received the same amount. Everything. What happens as we eat food also exposed to radiation? If you aren’t proactively protecting yourself from it (i.e. iodine), what happens?

    • Muhammad Abbass says:

      Iodine isn’t going to do jacksh!t for you sorry. That’s a minor defense against a short lived low level event. It doesn;t even protect you from most of the hundreds of radioactive elements. Plutonium is the one you want to worry about in this case. A bit of strontium and cesium is nothing. Iodine is going to do next to nothing over the longer term.

  7. Muhammad Abbass says:

    Excuse me for introducing a reality check. The fuel rods in the three meltdown reactors have LONG SINCE melted through the containment. This occurred on the first day. The fact was admitted several years ago even though the news didn’t travel far since the media never touched it. The three reactors suffered complete MELT THROUGHS on the first day, far in excess of mere melt downs which they even denied had happened for more than two years afterward. Yes indeed it is going to get worse, and the worst problem isn;t even covered here. There is a spent fuel containment pond 100 feet off the ground, it is damaged and they can;t remove the rods, when that pool collapses (not IF but WHEN) there is enough radioactive material in there to match the entire collective amount released during all the years of nuclear testing. I am yet to see any article actually cover the full spectrum of problems or the seriousness of each anywhere on the net. Some few articles that try, as this one does actually end up falling far short of the seriousness simply becuase this is so huge and the cover up is almost absolute.

  8. Muhammad Abbass says:

    The only reason Nuclear Power Plants exist, is as a cover for the essential plutonium enrichment process which is actually going on. The reaction is necessary to produce material for NUCLEAR WEAPONS. The large amount of heat produced is a byproduct and what they do with it is to heat water into steam and use it to drive turbines. Pretending that was the reason all along. This is huge lie. Nuclear power plants are actually a downstream process of nuclear weapons production.

    • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu says:

      well…thats another reason to close the nuclear plants…we don’t need more plutonium bombs…..NO MORE NUKES…time to go solar…come on Elon Musk….!!!

      • Muhammad Abbass says:

        I have been opposed to nuclear power for many years. Once I fully understood nuclear weapons the whole thing fell into place. However. Consider how Japan just turned on all their reactors again even after Fukushima (under huge US pressure as they want the enriched material) and how Germany is strugglng to do what they want, which is to say no to all nuclear power. You can forget stopping it. We don’t have the time to achieve such a global awakening. I honestly am just watching the planet die. I don;t have any doubt we’ve done ourselves in and most life on earth for a few million years. Maybe less, I have a feeling Earth is more resilient than we think, but we’re f#cked.

      • Muhammad Abbass says:

        Put another way. Fukushima was the end of the future of mankind. We already filed our own death notice. Read Nevile Shute’s “On The Beach” for a picture of how it will probably unfold on the macro scale. Human civilisation may decide at the last minute to try some forlorn idea, we might just go mad and start killing each other or who knows. It doens;t matter because within a few decades, probably less than 100 years we will all be dead. Absent a miracle. Still holding out for something natural we never knew of or some ET race deciding to lend us a hand (or claw or tentacle) but that’s my last hope.

      • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu says:

        we do have a choice. I remember the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. Rivers were so polluted, they were actually burning!…We had environmentalists say ” enough”….and passed clean water laws. We did the same for the air pollution. It can be done…but you need to get a movement going. Single men have done it. Gandhi got England out of India ( OK it took 30 years but he did it). Martin Luther King got the civil rights bill passed……Lech Walesa got Russia out of his native Poland. You can’t just ignore a problem….or wring your hands and say” oh my oh my”…you have got to do something. I am trying to link the solar leaders together. Once solar is more affordable and claiming more and more customers, it will be easier to tell the gov’ts NO MORE NUKES……but you have got to start….spread the word about Fukushima……NO MORE NUKES…its time for solar power…

  9. beijingyankee says:

    It’s just an extinction event people, now move along.

  10. Drake Anderson says:

    Scientists Reveal Fukushima Doused Everyone on Earth With Radiation

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