Shocking Photos: This is the Chicken That You Feed Your Family With… Abuse, Deformity and Disease

Pilgrim’s Pride, one of America’s top leading poultry providers is under fire after leaked videos and gruesome images of the deplorable conditions from some of their contract farms. Gangrenous dermatitis, enteritis, coccidiosis are only a few of the vile conditions chickens are dying from, but it gets worse.

Disease, Deformity and Deplorable Conditions Spell a Recipe For Disaster

Two farmers along with Leah Garces, the director of Compassion in World Farming USA, felt it necessary to expose the truth and let the people know about the chickens that America feeds their families with.

Equipped with secret cameras the brave men filmed inside the chicken houses – revealing the horrifying reality of chicken farming.

The gruesome footage shows close-ups of the dying, abandoned birds – some discolored dark red, purple and green and others a bloody mess of rotting flesh and feathers.

‘About a year and a half ago we started getting gangrenous dermatitis, Hedrick explains to Garces – just one of the many problems facing chickens and their farmers.

‘It’s almost like the bird is eaten from the inside out, like its rotten from the inside out… alive,’ he says.


Undercover: Equipped with secret cameras two farmers filmed inside the chicken houses - revealing the horrifying reality of chicken farming.

The gruesome footage shows close-ups of the dying, abandoned birdsSome are discolored dark red, purple and green and others a bloody mess of rotting flesh and feathers
See more of the horrendous pictures here

According to the article source, the chickens chosen for meat production are “fast-growing chicken breeds who often have poor immune function, making them more susceptible to disease. This fast growth (by genetic modification) is unsustainable and can have other dire consequences for the birds, such as leg deformities, heart attacks, foot pad dermatitis, hock burns, and more. With an already crowded, dirty, and warm environments they are kept in are perfect for such bacterial disease to thrive.” When asked why the farmers haven’t done anything to rectify the situation, Hedrick says, ‘We’re not allowed to do anything with the birds unless it’s approved by the company,’ The farmers decided to speak out about the treatment at the poultry contract farm after the company sent a mysterious letter explaining that no one apart from ‘essential people’, should be allowed into their chicken houses.

This is a Dirty Industry

Many of you may be wondering why the FDA or USDA has not intervened? What is almost rarely mentioned about these government-run groups is how little the highly industrialized American food supply is actually inspected. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) doesn’t inspect as many plants as one might think, thus leading to constant chicken recalls due to food-borne diseases. In 2014, Tyson chicken factories came under fire when they had to recall 60,000 chicken products due to staph infections on meat. As well, because of our regular consumption of meat and dairy products that were given antibiotics, bacteria are growing resistant and causing many of the “last resort” antibiotics to be less powerful than in years past. So, I ask you, how healthy do you think our commercialized food sources really are? Look at these gruesome images and ask yourself if you really want to continue feeding your family this food.

What Can Be Done?

With constant food increases, one would surmise this is because our food sources are of higher quality than most in the world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It’s time that we begin to question our commercial food sources. You do not want to feed your family tainted or questionable food and the only way to ensure you have the best food sources available is to research and understand how they are raised. As well, stop buying commercial chicken products. If industry standard is equivalent to the way Pilgrim’s Pride is allowing their farms to be run, then we are all in for a world of hurt.

One of the most simple recourses for better meat and egg quality is to raise your own chickens. This animal breed is one of the easiest to raise and aside from meat and eggs, the bug population in your yard will be cut down, as well as providing you with natural fertilizer for gardening. Here are some backyard food strategies you can try today.


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Originally published April 19th, 2016
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10 Responses to Shocking Photos: This is the Chicken That You Feed Your Family With… Abuse, Deformity and Disease

  1. Health Fitness Cafe says:

    Raising your own is much better but how about becoming a Vegan? Isn’t that another option? I stopped eating meat because of this. I could never raise a chicken to kill it. No animal should have to suffer for people to eat.

    • GRAMPA says:

      You have your right to deside the way you want to live and so do I How many people are you willing to support when you put them out of a job. It takes many more people to raise a cow or chickens than a field of wheat.

      • Health Fitness Cafe says:

        You can decide however you want to live. I am just pointing it out as another option. And WOW, we should have an industry that raises animals inhumanely just so we can put more people to work. I don’t even know how any of those people can do what they do. What about people’s health? Maybe these chickens aren’t genetically modified but they are loaded with antibiotics, arsenic, and many are given Prozac. How about how much water and feed it takes to raise animals? It takes a fraction of the amount of water to grow grains and other crops. We could feed every who is hungry. i do think raising your own is much better than what happens on factory farms but other options are becoming a vegan or vegetarian or even cutting down on the amount of meat you eat.

      • GRAMPA says:

        It is clear you have never been on a farm. I have nothing further to say to someone who reads a few articles and thinks themselves an expert. I saw several flaws in your piece. do your own research.

      • Health Fitness Cafe says:

        I have done significant research for a book so…… whatever.

    • Scott McCollum says:

      get the hell out of here with that you sissy! God put them here to be raised, killed and ate by man. You wussbag. You are whats wrong with America!

  2. GRAMPA says:

    I can see the author has spent just enough time on the chicken farm to draw the wrong conclusions. First they are not genetically modified. They do have trouble standing and walking too far because they do nothing but eat. the lights are kept on so they dont roost (sleep). They eat continuous;y for seven weeks. When a chicken falls nature tells the others it is weak so they kill it so they have more food. As soon as blood flows they peck at anything red from the response of the chick in the brooding stage. because a chicken cannot think it must have built in survival responses. Because the rancher makes his money on how many he delivers they are fed and watered automatically. the dead are removed with two trips a day. With this method your chickens price is kept low. If you wish to have them treated better then you should come up with an answer. The methods have been developed over years and are regulated and inspected weekly by local inspectors. I think you might complain if they cost five dollars a pound.

    • Health Fitness Cafe says:

      I would not complain about the price. Chicken should cost $10 a pound if
      that means they will be raised humanely and healthier. When I did eat
      chickens, I bought organic only and that cost about $7 a pound. I
      stopped eating that too when I found out organically raised chickens
      aren’t treated much better. Americans consume too much protein anyway.
      We don’t need to consume animal products at every meal or every day or
      at all. There are healthier sources of protein.

      I don’t know how you can watch that video and think it is OK to eat those chickens, genetically modified or not. By the way, these chickens are given GMO feed so you are getting them if you eat the chicken. Even if you don’t care about the cruelty, these chickens are given antibiotics and other crap to make them grow very fast. They are cramped into quarter and layered on top of each other that they defecate and urinate on the ones below them. Yeah, that’s what you are eating. Good luck with staying healthy! Like you said, your decision.

      • GRAMPA says:

        What do you think they use for fertilizer to grow other crops? They use the chicken shit for it is high in nitrogen. Are you going to support the poor people who cant afford to pay for the high cost of food your system would cost. Man has been eating animals for millions of years. it has created a larger brain. you should try using it.

      • Health Fitness Cafe says:

        YOU need to do more research instead of insulting me. Maybe using manure for fertilizer happens on small family farms but not factory farms. Here’s a link.

        Why does everyone assume eating a vegan diet is so expensive? My food bill decreased about 20 percent when I went vegan and low gluten. My grocery bill is averages $125 per person for my family per month. I consume mostly fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, nut butters, soy or cashew milk, coconut oil for cooking, olive oil for pasta, vegan butter for toast or on veggies, grains (brown rice, millet, and quinoa), and pasta (brown rice). I also buy spelt wheat flour for baking. I make my own bread and muffins. I never buy store factory made. I eat very little processed foods but I do buy vegan sausage or the ground meat occasionally for the “meat” flavor. Seriously, since eating this way, I have no weight problems and my headaches and other aches and pains have magically disappeared.

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