The 8 Biggest Mistakes Preppers Make

Over the last 3 years that I’ve been prepping, there seem to be some repeating blunders that I see preppers making.

This video explains the 8 most common prepping mistakes people make, which are:

  1. Hyper-focusing on one specific survival “hobby” at the expense of other prepping areas.
  2. Outsourcing your food storage
  3. Outsourcing your survival kit or bug out bag
  4. Planning to be a “lone wolf” whenSHTF
  5. Shelter, water, food, not food, water, shelter
  6. Having an EDC that you don’t carry everyday
  7. Having a bunch of supplies but no plan
  8. Having a bunch of supplies and a plan but not ever practicing.

What are the other mistakes you see preppers make? Did I miss any?

Since 2010, Dan Carpenter has been posting videos and resources for preppers on The Daily Prep. You can also follow his adventures on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. When he’s not preparing for the end of the world, you can find him eating some BBQ, reading a good book, or hanging out with his dog in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Originally published June 23rd, 2014
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