They Bound Her Wrists In Duct Tape – What She Did Next Could Save Your Life!


Editor’s Note: One of the more frightening and potentially dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is a home invasion robbery. You’re bound, helpless and can only pray that you and your family make it out in one piece.

With the increase of home invasions sweeping this nation, it is paramount to prepare your home with layers of security. If that last layer of security is penetrated, having an escape plan could be your last resort. This short video can teach you how to escape duct tape, a popular item for restraints. Pay attention and practice escaping. You never know, this life hack could actually save your life.

Many people always have duct tape on hand, and for good reason, it can be used for so many different things. It comes in handy when you are in a bind, no pun intended, but if you find yourself in a dangerous situation you can easily get out of it!

I know we have all seen those spy or kidnapping movies where the victim’s hands are bound with duct tape. But, what happens if you find yourself in one of these situations in real life. Never say never because everything is a possibility, and you never know what could happen next. Do not fear, however, because you can get out just as easily as you get in!

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Originally published March 20th, 2015
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7 Responses to They Bound Her Wrists In Duct Tape – What She Did Next Could Save Your Life!

  1. The Wiseman says:

    So, what if the intruders Duct Tape your hands BEHIND YOUR BACK?

  2. jay says:

    Worse actress ever…..she should be ashamed of herself, telling people this could cause them further injury.

  3. It probably wouldn’t work as well with some of the loosely bound wrists because of the lack of leverage.

  4. The Wiseman says:

    To disqus_3 brONUAJno: “Moving your hands in front of you…” is impossible for most people – arms too short, legs too long. Try it.

  5. Antonio says:

    This works because the tape rips easily across its structure. You don’t need scissors to cut it. it just rips.

    If bad guys ever start using fiberglass strapping tape, you’ll need another video. That doesn’t rip across the width.

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