This Year’s El Niño Is Going to Be a Beast

hurricaneEvery few years the world experiences an El Niño weather cycle, which ordinarily doesn’t amount to very much. There might be a little more rain in some places, or a little more heat in others, but for the most part it’s usually a non-event. But much to the joy of drought stricken California, this year’s El Niño promises to bring some relief to the water crisis in the Western US.

Sorry, did I say joy? I meant to say horror, because this thing is going to be a monster.

The strengthening El Niño in the Pacific Ocean has the potential to become one of the most powerful on record, as warming ocean waters surge toward the Americas, setting up a pattern that could bring once-in-a-generation storms this winter to drought-parched California.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center said Thursday that all computer models are predicting a strong El Niño to peak in the late fall or early winter. A host of observations have led scientists to conclude that “collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic features reflect a significant and strengthening El Niño.”

“This definitely has the potential of being the Godzilla El Niño,” said Bill Patzert, a climatologist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge.

Patzert said El Niño’s signal in the ocean “right now is stronger than it was in 1997,” the summer in which the most powerful El Niño on record developed.

“Everything now is going to the right way for El Niño,” Patzert said. “If this lives up to its potential, this thing can bring a lot of floods, mudslides and mayhem.”

“This could be among the strongest El Niños in the historical record dating back to 1950,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director of the Climate Prediction Center.

So on the plus side, the Western United States is going to get all of the rain and snow pack that it so desperately needs. When it’s all said and done though, the people living in this region are going to be begging for the rain to stop, as will many other populations across the planet.

Previous El Niño’s of this magnitude have caused flooding and landslides across the world. In 1997, Central Ecuador and Peru experienced 10 times their normal rainfall, which left a path of destruction across both countries. In other parts of the world, this weather pattern brings extreme drought, like the 1992 El Niño which caused one of the worst dry spells in African history, and affected over 100 million people. That same weather pattern managed to fuel Hurricane Andrew, which cost dozens of lives and $26.5 billion in damages. In many cases, it can even cause epidemics of Malaria, Dengue, and Rift Valley Fever.

And in the end, this could prove to be only a temporary break from the Western drought. There’s a good chance that what we’re really facing is a megadrought, which sometimes last for decades; in which case this weather pattern will only bring relief for the next year or two. Until then though, we’ll take what we can get, even if it’s way too much.

Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

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Originally published August 20th, 2015
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13 Responses to This Year’s El Niño Is Going to Be a Beast

  1. Ajk1941 says:

    Living through at least 3 years without rain in the California foot hills we are praying that this will be as strong a possible. There will be problems with the heavy rains, but it might go far to refill our lakes and reservoirs thus stopping Gov Brown’s crackpot schemes to pipe more water from the Delta to Southern California. Maybe it will flood out the valley and put a stop to the bullet train!

  2. 426Hemi says:

    Until the HAARP transmitters’ duty cycle and output power pulses are either dialed back or turned off altogether, California will not have sufficient rain to saturate the ground and replenish reservoirs. The West coast drought is a deliberate engineered catastrophe. Weather options and derivatives are now being traded on Wall St. if you can believe it. Betting on the weather on Wall St. is now taking place. The people operating the Phased Array / HAARP transmitters and scheduling the jets to dump chemical aerosols in the skies in preparation for incoming Pacific storms are entirely responsible for preventing rainfall / precipitation in California. If a strong El Nino does occur and dumps rain all season it will be a result of the HAARP transmitters being turned off and not killing off the low pressure systems’ cores with intense heat from focused RF power – AS IS BEING DONE NOW. None of California’s politicians have the technical knowledge or scientific curiosity to understand what is being said here. Today’s NOAA satellite watervapor attached. Note the dark circular areas and oblong wedge shaped dark areas in the satellite photo; those are the HAARP transmitters’ targets to block or redirect weather systems. Typically they are stationary but they can be moved at will – as is the case with a high pressure dome over Texas that is now moving East to West back to California to block an offshore moisture field.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky says:

      There is also speculation that, due to geo-engineering, the much vaunted Sierra snow pack will not materialize because it will be too warm. Instead it will be mostly liquid precipitation only adding to the deluge taking place downstream.

    • California’s politicians only have knowledge of how to stuff their pockets with money, like the vast majority of American politicians, and HAARP is a navy project, always looking for money to buy more fuel and equipment.

    • No Bull Nonofit says:

      I feel like screaming ‘wake up you thick headed people’. 426 Hemi is telling it like it is. Look up and notice what is happening in our skies. Has anyone old enough not noticed we hardly ever have blue skys anymore. Brain and respiratory disorders are through the roof. It effects us all and they call it collatoral.

  3. Strider73 says:

    Uh, El Niño actually inhibits hurricane formation in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf. Andrew was nasty, but it was part of an otherwise quiet hurricane season. The current season is expected to be quiet as well, courtesy of this El Niño.

    OTOH, El Niño causes overly wet weather in FL. The 1997-98 El Niño brought record winter rainfall and a major tornado outbreak. All that rain caused a huge spike in plant growth, which fueled massive wildfires the following summer when El Niño abruptly quit.

  4. arrowhead says:

    It hasn’t been “natural” weather for a very long time,for at least 50 years.Last week once again,we were suddenly assaulted from all media outlets with the next sloganized ridiculous term (like “Frankenstorm”) that Everyone IS supposed to be PROGRAMMED WITH: “Godzilla el nino.” Once again like clock work,this completely non-meteorological term simultaneously started coming out of every “meteorologist” mouth, while simultaneously appearing on all the weather websites.Certainly, around here,there is no mystery about how and why that happens either. If you desire to educate more about this subject visit: weather war101 channel in you tube. Spread knowledge and wake up before it’s too late to do something. Humanity is at crossroads. These same entities running the misdirection about weather manipulation (controlling many other things),they are the same entities pushing for war with IRAN,world war III.

  5. wandakate says:

    Okay, that takes care of the west coast, NOW, what shape is the east coast going to be in? What about Tennessee, N. and S. Carolina and Ga. and all the people who live east of the Mississippi?????

  6. while the rain has been light the total mismanagement of California has been heavy. The politicians put all their efforts into building bullet trains to nowhere while fields lay fallow. More reservoirs? No, that’s not politically exciting enough. Dams? No the environmental nazi’s will have a fit. This state is run by loonies who can’t see past their own noses.

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