Turning the Scraps at the Back of the Fridge into a Nutritious Meal

IMG_2326Morning Dear, I hope you are well. I was wondering, do you make omelettes over there? I’m sure you do but maybe they have a different name, I have found the same things often have very different names in the United States.

No matter, the point is that I wanted to share a recipe with you, a great way of using up little left over bits and pieces lurking at the back of the fridge. I have lost count of the times I have looked in the pantry and felt despair at the tiny amount of fresh food in there. With that in mind, this is something I used to make for the children, usually in winter when the garden wasn’t very productive.

In the picture you can see a couple of slices of pepper, we never had those of course but the actual content of the omelettes isn’t really that important, it’s what you do with the bits that matters.

So, I have a couple of slices of pepper, two eggs, a few tiny carrots, four mushrooms, a rasher of bacon, an onion and four small tomatoes.

All of that gets chopped up really small and cooked in a large frying pan, I find the fat on  the bacon is enough usually to stop too much sticking. The two eggs are well beaten and a little milk, salt and pepper added to the mix.

Put a knob of butter into the veg mix and stir it around so that the pan is coated and then pour in the egg mixture. Turn down the heat to allow the egg to set and cook through. You could put it under the grill to brown the top if you want to, I used to put the whole cast iron pan into the oven on the range to make sure it wasn’t soggy inside.

That’s it, once the egg is set it’s ready to eat. This is enough to make a main meal for Edith and me, it’s surprisingly filling. It will feed four adults for a light lunch with a bit of salad and some bread, and even more children. My children used to have this with a chunk of fresh bread and butter and a glass of milk. Not a massive meal but filling enough that they didn’t go to bed hungry, and plenty of goodness in it as well.

Any leftovers or scraps that are not enough in quantity for any other use will do. The more veg bits/leftovers you put in then the bigger the meal. Just make sure that there’s enough egg to set around the filling.

Edith is quite partial to putting grated cheese on top of hers and melting it under the grill, but I find that a little rich for my taste so I eat mine as it comes.

Well, that’s what we’re having for supper tonight. Edith is already grating her cheese and rooting around in the fridge to see what else we can put in it. The problem with just having the two of us though is that we have to be sure not to make the omelette too big because it needs to be eaten, it goes very rubbery if you try to reheat it. Sadly I haven’t found a way yet of reusing left over omelettes, or egg pies as my great grandson calls them.

Oh yes, before I forget, I love the picture your children made me. Paul is going to print it out and I will put it on the wall, please tell them Granny thanks them very much.



Granny Spear was born in a small cottage in Devon, Southern England in 1925. Married to farm labourer Ernest, she raised her family in the heart of the countryside without any of the amenities we rely on today. Using skills passed down from her mother, who had learned those same skills from her mother, she not only survived but positively thrived living a self-sufficient, off grid lifestyle. Outliving her husband, one of her children and two of her grandchildren she stayed in the cottage until 2003 when a serious fall saw her hospitalized. She now lives with her daughter just four miles from her old home. For her 89th birthday her grandchildren and great grandchildren brought her an iPad, which she instantly rejected until they showed her Angry Birds…After much persuasion she has agreed to share some of her knowledge with us about what she calls the ‘old days’

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Originally published March 3rd, 2015
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