What’s Your Annual Radiation Dose?

Did you know that we are exposed to radiation levels on a daily basis?  Radiation can occur naturally and by man-made instruments or appliances.  Radiation comes up from the ground, from space particles, from our home, even our smoke detectors.  Although, we typically receive small, minute levels at a given period of time, our bodies still absorb the radiation nonetheless.  The annual average dose per person from all natural and man-made sources is about 350 mrems, but it is not uncommon for any of us to receive more than that in a given year (largely due to medical procedures).  In fact, 80% of our radiation is from naturally occurring means.

Because radiation is an everyday part of our lives, we cannot avoid it.  Our home appliances emit small amounts of radiation, as do our cellular phones.  Even though we may not like the idea of being exposed to radiation; we can, however, reduce our risks by controlling, to some extent, our exposure to it.  This calculator can assist you in finding out how much radiation you receive on a yearly basis from natural means and from un-natural means.

Annual Radiation Calculator

Natural Ways to Reduce Radiation in The Body

According to the website, survival-spot, the author provides natural alternatives to assisting the body in ridding itself of radiation exposure rather than ingesting potassium-iodide.  Foods such as kelp, rosemary, spirulina, miso soup and niacin all assist the body in fighting radiation damage.  Making these foods a regular part of your diet, could help lower your chances of radiation damage to the body.

Other foods that may help in combating radiation sickness are foods that naturally detoxify the body.  Foods such as reishi mushrooms, green and black teas, garlic, nettles, dandelions, ginseng, lentils, collards and mustard greens.

Educate Yourself

Everyone is so concerned about radiation levels increasing due to the disaster in Japan.  Ironically, we absorb radiation everyday.  Knowing the proper levels of radiation we are exposed to each year can help us stay healthier.  Those that are concerned about limiting their exposure to radiation can eat foods that have detoxifying properties, as well as staying away or limiting exposure of appliances and machines that radiate radiation.

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Originally published March 20th, 2011
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  1. Education is the key.  Knowing how to reduce your radiation exposure is very important.  You are less likely to get cancer.  excellent post.

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