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8 Survival Uses of Space Blankets

Mylar space blankets have other alternative uses aside from keeping you warm. In fact, they can potentially save your life in an emergency. Take a look at the 8 survival uses of space blankets.

mylarSpace blankets (also called thermal blankets or Mylar blankets) are usually included in first aid kits and their primary purpose is for keeping you warm.

But aside from this use, space blankets have other alternative uses and they can potentially save your life in an emergency. This is why having at least one space blanket in your emergency kit, BOB and vehicle is a very good idea. Take a look at the 8 survival uses of space blankets.

1. Shelter

With a few pieces of cordage you can tie a sheet bend in each corner of the blanket and construct a tent, tarp or bivvy. The blanket can also be used as a water-proof layer to protect you from moist earth, instead of a tent footprint.

2. Rain catch

The plastic blanket, being waterproof, is an ideal rain catcher. Rain can be kept off your tent by using a space blanket as additional barrier.

3. Poncho

The waterproof space blanket can also make a very good rain gear but don’t cut a hole in the middle of the blanket though because this will limit its reusability.

4. First aid

Wrap the blanket around sprained wrists and ankles to keep them warm.

Make a sling out of the blanket for a broken arm; just cut off and twist strips to make cordage and fold the remaining piece then tie to make a sling.

Cut off a piece of the Mylar blanket, wrap it in duct tape and you have something to cover wounds with.

5. Signal

Some space blankets have one silver side and one orange side. When using the blanket for signaling, the orange side is a stark contrast to snow while the silver side is easily spotted against a dark background. The space blanket can be cut into strips and hung on branches to mark your trail. You can also make a signal flag by hoisting the blanket on a pole.

6. Boot liner

Cut a piece of the space blanket to line your boots to keep your feet warm. If your boot springs a leak, lining it with a piece of the blanket is an effective way to keep your foot dry.

7. Keep the heat out

In a hot climate, you can keep the heat of the sun out by reversing the space blanket (shiny side out) to reflect the rays of the sun.

8. Keep your tent toasty inside

Space blankets are highly reflective and you can use it to direct heat where you want it. in this episode of Dual Survival, Cody Lundin used a space blanket to warm up his shelter.

Space blankets are not the most durable items, but if you have duct tape, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Do you have a different use for a space blanket? Feel free to share it in the comments.


This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on December 8th, 2014

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