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After the Apocalypse – Watch It Here

Many do not realize how fragile this country really is.  Because of our cushy society that we find ourselves living in, many have failed to prepare for any type of disaster larger than the lights going off for a few hours.  If a sudden disaster were to occur, many would have nothing to survive off of.  Some do not even own a map or a compass to guide themselves.

Some may find it hard to envision how truly dependent we are upon “the system” that produces our creature comforts such as electricity, running water, transportation of goods, and let us not forget about air conditioning.  What if a massive event caused that system to shut off?  How do you think society as a whole would react?  How would you fare from the entire system being terminated?  Are you prepared?  Could you survive?

In the History Channel’s: After the Apocalypse, this series takes the audience into a shtf situation through a storyline about a family who has to find a way to survive escaping from a city, as well as finding a way to survive the dangers that torment the refugees along the way.  The series also does a good job of explaining how, in fact the fragile system that keeps us collectively docile can quickly unravel thus causing the degradation of society as a whole.

Below is the entire series for your viewing pleasure:

This series puts the importance of preparing into perspective (and silently applaudes those who have the forethought to begin prepping).  Again, it is sometimes hard to envision how fast the country could crumble.  This series is a great tool to use on those that are new to prepping and may not understand fully the importance, or for those friends or family members that you are trying to help begin to prep.