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DIY Home Cooling Techniques

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By Kent Page McGroarty

Whether your air conditioner went kaput due to a weather disaster or you prefer to “rough it” and not use the appliance, you can still keep your home cool! Referred to as “passive cooling,” there’s plenty of options for maintaining a comfortable home environment in the summer without an air conditioner.

Check it out:

Window Shades

As much as half the heat gain in your home comes from unprotected windows! That’s right! The addition of window awnings will greatly contribute to home cooling, and while they may be a bit expensive, you’re still saving a nice chunk of cash over time. Talk to your local home good salesperson regarding the best options for your home.

Exterior roll-up shades are another option that keep the home nice and cool.

Whole-House Fan

At one time considered an old-fashioned option, whole-house fans are enjoying renewed popularity. Why? They use one-tenth as much power as air conditioners! These fans work by drawing cooler outside air into the home through open doors and windows, thus creating an oh-so-pleasant breeze that moves hot air back outside via attic vents. An energy-saving option, whole-house fans unfortunately don’t do anything to lower humidity, and the tend to bring in outside pollen and dust. For best results, find a fan that matches your home’s floor plan.

Huge Bushes

Ah, large bushes that surround the home. They insulate in the winter, and keep everyone cool in the summer. If you aren’t already blessed with large bushes on your property, talk to your local nursery about options that won’t interfere with piping and whatnot. Shade-providing trees are also a viable option.

Living Wall System

As with sizable bushes, a living wall system significant contributes to heat gain reduction. Use them on walls that get blasted by sunlight–think trellises full of ivy and other lovely greenery.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans cost virtually nothing to run, and do a heck of a lot to keep the home cool. Use them on their own on in conjunction with any air conditioner to circulate air and create a more comfortable environment.

Energy Film

This film easily clings to windows and block some 90% of heat entering the home. As an added bonus, the film protects nearby furniture and wall décor from fading.

Try these and other DIY cooling techniques to save money and energy!

What are your favorite passive cooling techniques? Share them in the comments section!