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Don’t Break the Bank: Using Coupons to Stock Up Your Pantry

Now more than ever, couponing can help save a family’s monthly budget. Read more and learn some special tips on how to not break the bank and where to turn to for the best coupon deals.

This post was written by Ella Davidson of Coupons.org. Coupons provides authoritative couponing how-to guides as well as top-retailer coupons and deals.

Now more than ever shopping efficiently and reducing costs wherever possible is a crucial component of managing a household. The current economic climate means that even cutting a few dollars off your grocery bill every week can make a big difference long term, and coupons often offer much more than that. Coupons allow you to stock up your pantry with items that will last for a long time when they are on special, saving a significant amount of money than waiting till you need them.

Most people underestimate the benefits of using coupons and overestimate the time taken and consequently do not make use of this valuable resource. However, if you know just where to look, finding coupons that give you significant savings for your grocery shopping is an easy, even fun task that is well worth the time required.

It is true that to find the best deals available it often takes careful research. In the past, this would involve going through multiple newspapers and magazines, looking for suitable savings and then clipping these out. The modern age makes this a much simpler process. Many supermarkets and stores offer coupons directly on their websites and give you the ability to load them onto your loyalty card, removing the need for the use of physical coupons. Printable coupons are another source. Many websites, such as coupons.com and smartsource.com offer a wide range of coupons from many different manufacturers. Additionally, these sites and similar ones offer the ability to search their coupon database by category and many give you the chance to filter their offers to ones that are available to you locally.

If you do not have the time to research multiple different sites for the best and most recent coupons, then do not be concerned. There are many online sites and blogs where people are more than happy to share their own findings with you, presenting the best offers from a wide range of sources in one easy location. Two such sites that offer this is Penny Pincher Gazette, which collates coupons from three online coupon sites and links these with local discounts. Additionally, if you are looking for ideas for how to incorporate these specials into your meal planning, the site offers a range of recipes and cooking articles that use some of the coupons that are featured.

When you go grocery shopping, there is a tendency to buy on a whim. This can often result in more being spent than if you go to the store with a plan as to what you are going to buy. Using coupons involves a degree of pre-planning; it starts you thinking about what meals you want to make during the week, what you need in your pantry and what you already have. This change in behavior alone has the ability to significantly reduce your spending.

Coupons are fantastic for week-to-week shopping, but they are more useful in the event of stocking up your pantry. In running a household, it is important to keep a substantial stock of food, particularly food that does not get bad quickly and will store for many months. Many of the items that are available through coupons are those that will last a significant amount of time, such as canned goods, and the discounts will often allow you to buy them in bulk. This adds up to a significant saving. Additionally, many coupons are specials such as ‘buy two, get one free’. As canned items don’t go bad, it’s great for stocking up.

Using coupons is a fantastic way of taking advantage of specials and stocking up your pantry without breaking the bank. Each coupon may only save you a few dollars at best, but they soon add up, especially if you tie the use of coupons in with specials that are present at your local store. Once you begin to use coupons, you will be surprised at how much you save, especially if you make use of websites that offer a wide range of different coupons. You will find yourself thinking about what you buy more, and weighing up the benefits of one item versus another. These benefits are significant, and well worth the time that is taken to find the coupons initially.

This post was written by Ella Davidson of Coupons.org. Coupons provides authoritative couponing how-to guides as well as top-retailer coupons and deals.

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This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on February 8th, 2012

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