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Ebola Still Killing Hundreds of People a Week in Africa

Although it’s not making the headlines as it was when the epidemic started, Ebola is still killing hundreds of people a week in Africa. With the death toll now heading towards 9,000, and with sporadic cases occurring elsewhere in the world, complacency could literally be the death of us all.

British nurse Pauline Cafferkey, [1] was diagnosed with the disease after returning from an aid mission in West Africa, she remains in isolation in the Royal Free Hospital, London. Today Infowars [2] is reporting a soldier recently returned from a tour of duty in Liberia, was found dead in a pool of vomit outside his home. He was apparently self-monitoring in lieu of quarantine.

The World Health Organization has admitted it has fallen short of its January target of treating 100% of Ebola victims and providing a biologically safe and dignified burial for those that die of the condition. You can read the latest situation report from the WHO here [3]. Since the report, dated January 7th, many more have died of the disease.

Sky News [4] is reporting this morning that gravediggers can’t keep up with the rising toll of bodies they are expected to deal with and that the village of Sima, outside of Kerry town is ringed with rope and armed soldiers, the whole village placed in quarantine due to a large number of cases there.

Trevor Jessome from the Irish based charity Concern told Sky:

“When I first came here I was like, ‘Wow, this is overwhelming,'” says Mr Jessome, “But now I am having to get used to it. You have to, to carry on in Sierra Leone.”

He shows the team 300 graves, all of which contain the bodies of babies and toddlers who have died over the last eight days.

300 children in eight days, the adult deaths are currently running at around 50 a day according to the report. 600 people a week in this one small area of Sierra Leone. While admitting that they are seeing no downturn in cases in some areas, the official running tally of deaths does not seem to mirror what is happening on the ground in West Africa.

This epidemic is a long way from over and every day that it continues increases the chances of it escaping Africa and spreading around the globe.


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