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Five Eco Friendly Alternatives For Emergency Preparedness

[1]No one wants to think that a natural or man made disaster could actually happen, but it’s a real possibility in today’s world. Being prepared is essential. Are you ready for the first 72 hours of an emergency or natural disaster? Everyone should make it priority to have a survival and safety kit [2] ready just in case. If an unforeseen event should happen, sustainable and reusable supplies are great tools for you and your family. Here are several eco-friendly and health conscious ways to prepare for the possibility of an emergency.


The first thing we all want to do in the event of an emergency is to make sure that our loved ones are safe. If you can’t protect yourself, what’s the since in having a disaster relief kit? Simple protection weapons such as a .22 caliber rifle [3] or 9mm firearm are sufficient. Also, make sure you have enough 9mm ammo [4] stored along with ammunition for any other firearms.


It’s a fact that the body can survive longer without food that it can without water. In the case of a disaster, it’s important to have clean and plentiful drinking water [5] available. Any emergency kit should plan to have at least one gallon per person for each day. Store your water in BPA-free containers or stainless steel dispensers for catastrophic situations. Instead of storing a bunch of little plastic bottles, consider investing in refillable water bottles that have a built-in filter to clean tap water of chlorine and chemicals.


It’s extremely important to have basic tools at your disposal like a knife, can opener, rope, wrenches and pliers. However, how will you meet your needs for energy to power various devices and appliances? Don’t stress over storing fuel for generators. Consider investing in an eco-friendly and solar powered generator kit. It’s a dependable source of power for laptops, electronic gadgets and small appliances like the mini fridge. Solar generators [6] are silent unlike their gas counterparts, and they don’t release smelly emissions into the air. They acquire power from the sun as well as wall outlets if available. Most are compatible with USB, AC and 12V devices. Flashlights are another vital staple to have in your tool kit. Solar powered or hand crank options are available along with solar and hand crank radios.


There are many ready-made preservative packed meal options available. A healthier alternative would be to try making your own dehydrated foods that can be stored or canning fruits and vegetables. These are earth friendly and nutrition conscious options. The foods you make and pack will be in containers, which can be reused. Trash collection services may very well be suspended, so there’s no need in creating more waste.


Natural Remedies

During a disaster horrible situations can arise that involve injuries, sickness, infections, burns and digestive issues. An eco-first-aid kit should include: Calendula gel or lotion for burns. It will ease pain, prevent infection and quicken healing.

Arnica is a quick acting homeopathic preparation to counter bleeding from wounds. Cinnamon essential oil can also quickly reduce bleeding from any source. Goldenseal capsules are a good choice to have to prevent infection internally and topically. Activated charcoal power counteracts diarrhea. It absorbs viruses, bacteria and parasites. You’ll find Activated charcoal has many first aid uses.

Whether there’s a tornado, earthquake or some other event, being prepared can save precious moments and make the burden of a tragedy little easier to bear. Choose products and supplies that are made of natural, sustainable and organic sources when possible to stock your emergency kit. An eco-friendly disaster kit for is a good choice on many levels.