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Essential Prepping Calculators

Basic Survival Needs

Food Storage Calculator [1] – How much food does a family need? This nifty calculator can let you know.

Water Intake Calculator [2] – Find out how much water an individual needs based on their specific weight.



Cooking Conversion Calculator [3] – Converges different measurements for cooking.

Printable Version of Cooking Conversion Chart [4]



Gardening/Mirco Farm

Seed Calculator [6] – Find out how many seeds will be needed for a given amount of land.

Acres Into Square Feet Convergence Calculator [7] – Acres into square feet conversion calculator for area conversions with additional tables and formulas.

Square Feet Into Acres Convergence Calculator [8] – Square feet into acres conversion calculator.


Precious Metals

Precious Metal Calculator [9] – Evaluates the current online price of all carat golds, silver, platinum, and palladium. Uses current online prices for a variety of currencies.




Radiation Calculator [11] – We are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Find out what daily activities we do and items that we have in our homes that emit radiation.


Weapon and Ammunition Calculator

Remington Ballistics Calculator [12]

Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator [13]

Nuclear Detonation in a City [14] – Put in the longitude and latitude coordinates of a city and see what the effects of the weapon will be and how far the fall out will spread



World Incidents

Global Incident Map [16] – Maps out terrorist and other suspicious activity

Earthquake Incident Map [17] – Find out where the earthquakes are in the world.