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Fun with Freeze Dried Food!

When most people think about freeze-dried food they envision some kind of bland, pale sodium-blasted sludge on their plates, posing as “dinner”.

The beauty of freeze dried food is the nutrition and variety it can add to your pantry.  Foods that would normally be off limits in a disaster situation can be neatly lined up on your pantry shelves, only awaiting the addition of hot water to add a burst of vitamins, minerals and flavor to your pantry meals.

One area in which most pantries seem to be lacking is meat.  Investing in freeze-dried meats will allow you to make all of your normal recipes with only some slight adaptations.  The comfort of a familiar favorite meal can go a long way towards bringing some normalcy to a difficult situation.

Try some of the following varieties:

Freeze dried foods can offer you vegetables that you can’t get in cans, also.  For example, many recipes call for bell pepper, which might be hard to get in the middle of a winter blackout.  However, with a well-stocked section of freeze-dried foods, a scoop of peppers will be at your fingertips.  Some useful additions:

Another place your pantry could be lacking is in the area of eggs and dairy.  Obviously these things are tough to can and must be refrigerated or frozen.  However, you can stock up on #10 cans of the following and still be able to add some cheesy goodness to casseroles or enjoy a hot breakfast omelette, no matter what the situation.  How great would it be to still be able to make your kids a Friday night pizza in the midst of a down-grid situation?

As you can see, some investments in freeze-dried food can really increase the normalcy of your menus.  Learn in good times to reconstitute these foods and use them in your normal recipes and it will totally change your outlook towards surviving with the contents of your pantry!