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The G.O.O.D Survival Manuals: Every Family Should Have One


You may be ready to hunker down and go into survival mode.  But what will happen if something happens to you?  Are your children and dependents as prepared as you are?   Having everyone involved in the preparedness stage is a good way to begin educating the family on their responsibilities in case an emergency arises.  That way, in an emergency state things are calmer, safer and action is ready to be taken.  Anytime a child is asking a question on safety or preparedness – that is the best time to sit down and talk to them.

Don’t G.O.O.D (Get Out Of Dodge) Without This

A well, organized survivalist should not only have emergency plans and food provisions in place, but also a well organized preparedness manual for the family or group that has all the information needed in case something goes awry.  Think of having a personalized information system at your beck and call.  Prepare for the worst.  There may come a time when the only access to information will be what is in your home.  I began thinking a few days ago, that if something happened to  my husband or I, how would my kids know what to do?  What information would they need to thrive?  I realized that they need a structured information manual listing responsibilities and important information.  This is not only good for kids, but also a very good resource to turn to for adults that has all the information organized and ready at your disposal.

An Emergency Manual can be created to your taste and your liking.  All you need is some time and a few things to get started:

  • Three Ring Binder (the larger the better)
  • Dividers
  • Printer Paper
  • Highlighter Pen (optional)
  • Printed Out Information
  • Pens

Gather Information for the Manual

 The Benefit

Being fully prepared can take time and money to invest in goods.  Having an emergency preparedness manual is the next step to fully preparing your family for an emergency.  The time it takes to prepare a manual is not long or very inexpensive.  At this very moment you are already investing your time into reading what you should do to prepare.  Starting your manual is as easy as clicking the print button to print this article.  Keep this manual outline on hand while preparing your family’s manual.  The benefit is everyone will be fully prepared and have a complete  knowledge base on what is necessary to thrive as a family.  If the SHTF you have an entire manual with information that you found and feel is relevant to your family.