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Growing Chicken Feed From Thin Air w/The Prota-Pod

This humble product has the ability to fill a large gap in a prepper’s ability to produce high protein feed for his chickens throughout the year.

Today I wanted to share an important interview with you.

Its an interview about an invention that I think can fill a large gap in a prepper’s ability to produce high protein feed for his chickens throughout the year.

If being able to feed your chickens after the feed stores close is a priority to you, you’ll find this interview quite helpful.

If you want to get serious about growing your own chicken feed, the hardest challenge you’re going to run up against is growing enough high protein feed for chickens during the months of the year when it can’t be grown.

Chickens are pretty good at staying alive on what amounts to practically a starvation diet… but if you want eggs, you need high protein feed.

The most ideal situation is that 20 years ago, you or someone who lived on your property before you planted nut trees.  Acorns, Walnuts, Hazelnuts or Chestnuts to name a few.  Long term nut trees are a great way to provide feed for livestock when it can’t be purchases.  I am personally converting 2 acres of Christmas tree farm over to Chestnuts as I write this. (if you’d like updates on that project and others be sure to sign up for our email list)

However… the previous owners of my property were not so inclined to plan for societal collapse, and while I have put nut trees in the ground for the long term, I needed a shorter term solution.

That’s when I discovered the ProtaPod!

Prota Pod 4 Foot

The Protapod is a devise for taking left over food scraps and turning them into high protein soldier fly grubs.

Best of all, if you are concerned about a grid down collapse scenario where power is unavailable, these Soldier fly grubs can be dehydrated via a solar food dehydrator… or if you’ve got some alternative sources of power, they could be frozen too.

This is one of those solutions that is a complete system that can survive on its own in most climates in the world.

For me personally, I am investing in one of these Protapods as a way to become a chicken feed producer for my community and neighbors.

On just a observational basis, if you take the 10 closest homes to mine there are over 150 chickens being raised right now.

With a ProtaPod like the one we talk about in this interview, I can be a HUGE source of high protein feed for those chickens and keep ‘em laying, when the rest of the world is going hungry.

If you live in a similiar type of situation, I would highly encourage you to consider investing in one of these yourself, or going in with other chicken owning neighbors together on one… this invention could play a large role in your communities survival.

They are available from CompostMania.com

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on March 1st, 2014

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