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Home Invasion: Preventative Security Layers to Protect the Home

In a previous article, Urban Defense Planning for the Home [1], it was briefly discussed that designing a home defense  system to evade possible criminals is your only way to protect your home, your family and your belongings, as well as alert you to anyone trying to break in.  Home invasions are growing more and more frequent these day.  Recently in the news, a 15 year old shot a home invader [2] trying to break into his home.

Desperate individuals feel their cause is justified and important enough to break in, terrorize, attack and steal belongings from others homes.  Thieves are beginning to use technologies such as Google Maps and iPhone applications [3] to gain an upperhand in breaking into your home. Being aware of the possible bouts of crime in your area, the technologies that are being used against you and and designing a home defense  system around this will help to better protect your home.

Preventative measures can be put in place to keep these scums far away from your home.  Minimize the threat of a home break in or home invasion by adding layers of security to prevent your home from being a possible hit.  Security layers are preventative measures put into place that will advertise to possible intruders to avoid your home altogether.

Layer 1: The Outside Layer

Layer 2: The Inside Layer

Layer 3: The Personal Layer

This is the most critical layer.


It’s not enough these days to tell those who are home alone to have the doors and windows locked at all times or to not open doors for strangers.  Parents need to thoroughly discuss emergency and safety plans with those living in the home, as well as protocols on how to handle certain dangers.  A person who is prepared for a possible run in with a burglar or home invader is well equipped with knowledge on the home’s security features, knowledge on how to get additional family members to safety, get help, and as a last resort know how to use a weapon. Teaching members of the family what a home invasion is and the dangers associated with it will help them understand that invaders will not be kind, that they are intending to hurt persons who are inside, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

When an emergency arises, adrenaline is kicks in, and triggers the fight-or-flight response, causing a rush of emotion, anxiety and for some, panic.  Practising emergency plans can help a family know exactly what to do and how to stay calm doing it.  Dangers such as home invasions and burglaries are occurring more frequently, thus causing those who are home alone to be more at risk.  Having layers of security features in and outside of the home can keep those inside the home safer.