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Homemade Paper Pots

Newspapers are one of those multi-purpose household items that can be used for just about anything. Many re-use newspapers for pet purposes, or even used in their compost piles [1]. But newspapers can also serve another purpose in the garden.  Since newspapers are used to add carbon rich materials to the compost pile, they can also be rolled up and used to plant seeds in.

Newspaper pots are a cost effective and natural way to add nutrients to the garden and plant your garden at the same time. This method will also reduce the shock that plantlings experience when transferred to the garden. You can purchase this handy device [2] to make the pots or try and make them yourself using this method.

To Make Paper Pots You Will Need:


Using paper pots is a great way to minimize stress on plantlings as well as finding other ways to recycle and repurpose household items.  These days, most newspaper ink is soy based and cannot harm plants.  However, make sure the newspapers used are not shiny, as they contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals.  Vegetables such as squash, cucumbers, corn,  and carrots can benefit from this method of growing as they do not like their roots interrupted.  Aside from being cost effective, the greatest benefit to making paper pots is that over time, the newspaper biodegrades into the soil.