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How Can You Tell If Someone is Hiding a Gun?

waistband gun [1]Among survivalists and gun enthusiasts, there’s been plenty written on the best firearms for concealed carry, and there’s been quite a few products [2] developed to help gun owners safely and discreetly hide their weapons. However, the ability to spot someone who’s carrying a gun has been overlooked for the most part.

Knowing when somebody is concealing a weapon is a skill that everyone should know. I would argue that it should take priority over other self defense skills. After all, the best way to win a fight is to avoid that fight in the first place. And knowing that the people you cross paths with may be packing heat, can keep them from getting the jump on you. There’s a lot of macho folks out there who like to war game scenarios in their head, and think they’ll always come out on top. But real fights, whether it’s with guns, knives, or fists, rarely end with a clear winner. In real life, winning often means being less injured than the other guy. If possible, it’s best to be avoided entirely.

So whether you’re preparing for a lawless future, or happen to presently live in a lawless neighborhood, learning to spot the signs of someone who is armed could save your life. Or if you’re planning on getting your concealed carry permit, it could help you learn a few ways to keep that weapon discreet.

Fortunately, it’s not a very difficult skill to learn. New York Times journalist Megan Jaegerman [3] developed this handy infographic after interviewing a seasoned plain clothes detective, who throughout his career, had made a record 1,200 gun arrests. It’s clear, concise, and hard to forget.

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