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I Blames The Planes: What’s Wrong With Torquay?

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There always seems to be some new sickness going around these days. No soon as one thing is sorted out another pops up, it’s enough to make you sick just thinking about it if you ask me.

This Ebola thingie that’s in Africa, everybody seems to be thinking it’s going to wipe out the world or something, but it most likely isn’t. There have been other diseases that killed lots more people than this does and the human race survived just fine.

The thing is nowadays that these diseases arrive so fast because of people jetting around all the time. In the old days there were still diseases around but often they didn’t make it to us because everyone went by ship and it took an age to get anywhere. Most people that were going to die died on the ship so that stopped whatever ailed them in it’s tracks.

We had smallpox somewhere up north in the early sixties ( Editors note: Bradford 1962 [2]) and that arrived by plane if my memory serves me correctly.

I know it’s not just air travel that causes the spread of disease, I’m old but I’m not stupid, but the fact that you can be halfway around the world in 24 hours must be helping these exotic things we have barely heard of before to get around.

My granddaughter and her family are in Gambia at the minute, that’s in Africa, I told her she was mad for going with all the bugs out there but she’s having none of it.

Stupid girl.

What happens if one of them gets sick? and her children still so young, li’l uns pick up germs so fast. Then there’s all the people here that she could bring it back to, it only has to survive a few hours on a plane.

The levels of cleanliness are different abroad as well, some places aren’t as particular as they might be, and according to the news this helps diseases like the Ebola get a grip. Can you imagine having to live with open sewers? The outhouse was bad enough in summer even though we did everything we could to keep it hygienic it wasn’t always pleasant. Having that running through streets used by hundreds and thousands of people…well, it makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

It’s no wonder that things like cholera and typhoid are still killing people in some of these places, and it’s wrong really when we have the knowledge and stuff to do something about it.

What’s the point of sending all the millions of pounds overseas to feed people who are dropping like flies because of sickness? Surely some of the money should be spent on fixing the sewage problems.

I think unless people all over have decent sanitation things like this are going to keep happening, and one day, something is going to pop up that we can’t deal with.

Then all of us are in trouble because even the antibiotics don’t work as well anymore. My doctor said that they have been overused and it’s caused the bugs to survive them instead of getting killed by them.

you know, it makes no sense really. My granddaughter spends a good chunk of every day yelling at the children to wash their hands, not touch this, don’t touch that…and then she takes them to Africa and exposes them to God only knows what that their little systems just aren’t used to.

Stupid girl, why can’t she just let them play on the beach in Torquay? (Editors note: Torquay [3] is a beach resort in Devon UK) even if you don’t catch a disease there’s the chance the plane will crash or disappear. No thank you, I’ll give that a miss.

Well, that’s it for today,

Love to all,