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Infographic: The Effects of Dehydration

It’s safe to say that if our bodies are 75% water, then when we become dehydrated, our bodies are going to suffer from the effects. These effects can range from fatigue to increased blood pressure to joint pains to death. In a disaster situation, this is the number one item to have stored up.

Dehydration can become dangerous during excessive heat spells [1] or following a period of prolonged sweating. Further, in the aftermath of a disaster, dehydration [2] is one of the leading causes of medical issues that tend to arise. Even though emergency organizations repeatedly stress how important it is to have ample water stored with your emergency supplies, this warning can fall upon deaf ears. This detailed infographic shows the effects of dehydration on the body and illustrates how important it is to have a short term water supply [3] during a disaster. As an added measure, go beyond having the suggested 1 gallon of water per person per day and have additional resources on hand to filter water in the event that a short term disaster becomes an extended one.Water

by sebamelchor [4].
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