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James Rawles: Salt Will Be The #1 Bartering Item

Salt is a valuable commodity that could become hard to come by in a long term disaster situation.  In Ancient Rome, salt was used as a form of currency because of it’s importance in preserving food.  In fact, it is still used today as a form of currency in some parts of Africa.  It was a  prime mover of both economy and war.  The importance of having a good supply of salt is commonly overlooked and, according to James Rawles, author of the the renowned  Survival Blog [1], he believes that salt could be one of the highest sought after items in a long term disaster.

“For anyone living in an inland area, I consider salt the highest priority barter and charity item.  Buy a lot of salt, in several forms.  As space allows, buy 20 to 30 of the 50-pound plain white salt blocks from your local feed store.  These are great for barter — both for folks with livestock and for people that want to attract wild game.  Buy a couple of 25 pound sacks of iodized salt for your own use.  Also buy 100 to 200 of the standard cardboard one pound canisters of iodized salt for small scale barter transactions.”

Survival Blog

The Importance of Salt Should Not Be Underestimated

In the CBS apocalyptic series, Jericho [2], there were towns that literally went to war over salt. 

Everyone knows that salt is a necessity in food preparations, but it has many other important functions around a homestead environment as well.  Animals, as well as humans cannot live without some salt in their bodies.  On a physiological level, salt is a requirement to sustain a body.  Specifically, salt assists in regulating the functioning of the digestive system and the kidneys, as well as helps conduct electric signals in the body.  Additionally, farmers have also used Epsom salt to heal scratches and rashes on their livestock.  This type of salt suppresses muscle aches and inflammation.

Ways to Use Salt Around the Homestead

Salt is a multipurpose, low cost prep that will be highly desirable if a long term disaster were to come around.  Prepping calculators suggest having 25 pounds of salt stored for one year.  With all of the uses that salt can provide, perhaps we should think about stocking up a little more on this worthwhile prep item.