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James Wesley Rawles – Proceed, with Prayer

In this interview, survival expert James Wesley Rawles talks economics, war, and preparedness.


Somedays our lives go exactly as planned and others go exactly the way others plan for us. Friday May 9, Mark S. Mann and myself sat down with one of the kindest, smartest and most patriotic persons that either of us have ever met, Mr. James Wesley Rawles.

James (Jim) Wesley Rawles has authored seven books, thus far, with two more coming online later this year. Jim also operates one of the largest, if not the largest, survival websites,SurvivalBlog.com and he and one his sons recently opened CFAPA.org. CFAPA.org, Constitution First Amendment Press Association, where you, my fellow writers, can download free press credentials. Why is this important? Well, as many of you know the federal government takes exception to those of us who chose not to believe the party lies, I mean party line. The fact is, the mainstream media is losing their audience at an ever increasing pace. You can see other examples showing the decline in MSM viewer-ship here and here. You may need these credentials in the future to avoid harassment or worse.

In this thirty-plus minute conversation we start off with the situation in Ukraine and discuss what is known and speculate on the possible escalation of this full blown civil war. With Russia recently celebrating Victory Day displaying their military might and Crimea voting to re-join Russia, the Western world is doing all that it can to provoke a regional war or worse, world war. How will the situation in Ukraine unfold? False flag event by the West? Russia simply grows weary of the “threats” made by the West? Sanctions too annoying to deal with any longer? Bitch-slap O’Bottom?

We then turn our attention to the US economy, or lack thereof, and discuss how inflation is stealing more of our income than anyone can truly grasp at this point. The truth is in your hand with every single item that is purchased. It is either a smaller package for the same price or simply cost more. There is no recovery regardless of what the government or Federal Reserve says.

It really wouldn’t be fair to speak with the worlds leading voice on survival without getting into preparedness and home security. I don’t want to tell you everything! Please give it a listen and we hope that you learn something new and come away with a better sense of the impact that being a good steward (prepper) can have on your life and the importance of inviting God into your daily decisions.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 30th, 2014

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