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Nature’s Band-aid

[1]The botanical name Salvia is from the Latin for “to save or to heal,” as in the word “salvation;” and it does just that. Among the myriad of uses for this plant, including for culinary use, it can also be used medicinally to treat a host of medical issues including making teas to soothe sore throats and bronchial issues, excessive sweating brought on by menopause and it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Because of these anti-inflammatory properties of sage, it is perfect for making natural band-aids to wrap around skin abrasions. Many have even said that putting sage on fresh scrapes and cuts will help to control the bleeding. Further, the essential oil of sage contains antioxidant and antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria, making the herb useful for all types of bacterial infections. It’s leaves are durable enough to wrap around a wound. Simply, secure it with some medical tape and voila!

For more information on sage being used medicinally, click here [2].