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Pioneer Living Magazine: Back to the Basics Series

Isn’t it funny how the civilization of mankind knew more about surviving on their own half a century ago than we do?   Sure, we have all the technological gadgets and modern conveniences, but if it really came down to surviving, who do you think would make it out alive?  Yes, I know it is disheartening.  But, it seems that some of us are coming around to the “old ways” of thinking again.  Today, many of us are cramming in as much information about the ways of our ancestors and trying to apply it to our lives. 

The Pionner Living Magazine [1], has a “Back to Basic Series” available to help  preppers from all walks of life become the “new pioneers” of this country.  This series encompasses different aspects of surviving such as: soap making, using a fire pit for cooking, rendering lard and tanning hides.  The skills this magazine is sharing, are also skills that can be used in a bartering environment.  This website also has valuable information on food storage, food preservation, building root cellars, gardening and homesteading skills.  Pioneer Living podcasts series called, “Pioneering Your Way to Freedom [2],” has a plethora of information that everyone should check out. 

Pioneer Living Magazine believes that “Our ancestors were in reality survivalists … This was because they were self sufficient, were responsible for one’s own self and family, protection, health, and sustenance as well as shelter.  This is what our ancestors knew and lived every day.  They were prepared for what life brings through planning, learning, and preparing for any possible future… Through education we can teach people how to survive more than one day at a time.  We can teach them how to feed themselves and their families for life, be prepared for future unknown and the basic art of human survival to be pasted on for generations to come.  Solutions to live healthy, happy and free.  The knowledge no one should be without.”

The concept of survival is a complex system of parts (food, water, shelter, clothing) that keep a person thriving in their environment.  Having first hand knowledge on how to keep this system running will keep a person alive.  Thanks to the Pioneer Living Magazine for generously providing their knowledge for all of us.