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Strong Correlation Seen Between Flowers and Emotional Health

Outdoor gardening tools on old wood table [1]

Emotional health and wellbeing has been the subject of many a book, study and discussion. The issue is infinitely complex, since nobody quite knows how much of this or that is required to achieve this coveted objective. A study conducted by Rutgers University [2] essentially confirmed that emotional health improves when flowers are added to one’s life. Flowers are associated with intimacy, kindness, devotion, wellbeing, happiness and serenity. In today’s times, stress is among the leading contributors of heart attacks, increased anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns and general discontent. Doctors routinely advise their patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve peace of mind, body and spirit.

Trust in Nature to Bring Lasting Emotional Contentment

There is plenty of evidence supporting outdoor activities as a means of relieving [3] stress and bringing lasting peace. And the studies have found that flowers play a big part in the healing process. Flowers are brightly coloured, scented and delicate. They embody everything that is beautiful and vibrant about nature. Social behaviour is enhanced in the presence of flowers; moods are brightened and the ambience is significantly improved. The results of the almost year-long research drew the following conclusions:

Based on the aforementioned study results, it is clear that flowers serve many purposes everyday life. They are beautiful and delicate, bold and bright, and incredibly enticing. Such is the appeal of flowers that they have become the gifts of choice for a great many people. They serve a multitude of purposes in nature, in our homes, at work and at official ceremonies. All the while they are beautiful natural gifts intended to make us feel better and enjoy the most perfect artistic creations in this world. Flowers are on display everywhere from leading florists like FloraQueen [4] to the pastures out in the wilderness. No gift is able to elicit the wow factor quite as much as flowers, with roses, tulips, lilies, gerberas, white flowers, red flowers, decorative plants, orchids and beyond. With so much happiness to go around, we are truly spoilt for choice with these gorgeous natural gifts!