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Survive the Collapse of the American Empire with Max Keiser

urban ruins [1]While the United States has done everything in its power to convince the world and its own citizens, that it’s just a freedom loving democracy or republic, many of us know better. With hundreds of military bases scattered across the globe, the largest military budget on the planet, and a growing police state at home, it’s plainly obvious that the US is really just another empire.

The only problem with empires (ethical concerns aside) is that they always collapse, one way or another. And since the standard of living of their people is tied directly to their ability to conquer and dominate, the collapse of an empire often has some rather unsavory results for their citizens, at least temporarily.

The Keiser Report recently interviewed Charles Hugh Smith, from oftwominds.com [2], to talk about what the collapse of the American empire will mean for its citizens, and what it will take to endure those conditions.