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Tess Pennington Talks To Fox News About Rising Prices and Preparedness

Over the course of a year, I have watched as prepping went mainstream.  Many of my prepper friends, as well as myself have stepped up to spread the word and get the idea of preparing out to anyone who would listen. 

These days, more individuals are seeing the logic behind investing in today’s lower commodity prices and consuming at tomorrow’s higher prices.  There is no doubt that food prices have increased over the last few years.  Unforeseen disasters such as increasing oil prices, extreme frigid temperatures that  damaged crops across the country, and last but not least, we are sitting at the cusp of a hyperinflationary period due to an economic crisis.

Fox affiliate station in Houston, TX caught wind of these increasing food prices and began tracking grocery prices 8 weeks ago at various grocery stores around the Houston area.  Fox News reporter, Andrea Watkins asked me about why I stock up on foods and how much it saves on my budget. 

Watch my first news interview on Fox News where I discuss the rising cost of food and how you can invest in your future on a modest budget:

To see the report and video in it’s entirety, click here [1].