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The Perfect Homestead

[1]There are as many different descriptions of the “perfect homestead [2]” as there are different folks who will be living on those homesteads.

For some people, it might be a cabin in the woods, with ample opportunities for hunting and fishing, and a clear area near the house for a large garden.  For others, it might be a big farmhouse on a prairie, with fields as far as the eye can see. For still others, the perfect homestead might consist of varied terrain for pasture, garden, and natural barriers to provide inaccessibility to others.

Part of what makes a homestead [3] perfect boils down to personal preferences and what you plan on doing with it.  The answers to questions like the following are unique to the individual:

You have to understand yourself, your capabilities, and your limitations in order to properly make these decisions.

Some things are black and white, though.  Carefully investigate the following five criteria.  These are non-negotiable aspects of the perfect homestead.

Natural resources

It’s important that the land you select has abundant natural resources to support you in the event of a long term disaster. If public utilities are inoperable for any reason, you will have to provide heat, water, energy, and food for yourself. It’s important to select property in an area that helps you to meet your needs.

Look for the following:

Agricultural Sustainability

Most of those relocating to a homestead intend to become as self-sufficient as possible and farming is a big part of their sustainability plans.  The goal of a homestead is to provide yourself with everything you need to survive.  Not only will you garden to grow food for your family, but you will grow food for your livestock too. In the event of a disaster, you won’t be able to count on a grocery store or feed store nearby.  When looking for the ideal farm, consider:

Compatible local government, laws, and culture

 You will want to relocate to a place with more freedom, not less.  These are important qualities to look for:

Low Risk for Natural or Industrial Disasters

No place is completely without risk.  But you can carefully research to avoid the following potential hazards and prepare accordingly.


Finally, you want to minimize the risk from other people as well. In an extended emergency, those who are based in densely populated areas will migrate to rural areas looking for food, water and resources. Securing your land to keep squatters and migrants out will keep your family safer.  Select a property that offers these characteristics:

If you’ve made the enormous decision to relocate and start a homestead, take the extra time to do it right. Do your research and find a piece of land that has the necessary qualities for you to be successful in your endeavor.