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The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster


For the last few years, many readers have asked for a downloadable version of the 52 Weeks to Preparedness series [2]. As much as I wanted to turn this into a pdf, I wanted it to be more – much more. With the assistance of Daisy Luther, editor of The Organic Prepper [3], we set out  to add even more information, organize and transform it into a book that encompassed all forms of disasters – both big and small. With all of the additional information added, the title even changed to The Prepper’s Blueprint [4] to help readers understand that preparedness isn’t just about having a plan, it requires drawing out a blueprint to set a preparedness foundation you can build upon and rely on when the time comes.

While doing so, I realized the importance of learning from the past. Confucuis once said, “Study the past if you would define the future.” Although disasters of any kind are horrific in nature and have the tendency to turn our world upside down, we can learn from them. In fact, we can learn everything we need to survive by looking back on humankind’s past mistakes. Therefore, I felt it was imperative to incorporate historical disasters and personal accounts into The Prepper’s Blueprint [4] to tell the story of preparedness.

Layers of Preparedness Create a Foundation

I believe that to fully insulate yourself from a disaster of any kind, you need to have a layered effect with your supplies. This will create a well-rounded approach and ensure that you are prepared for the smallest disasters to the most severe circumstances. Within this 458 page preparedness resource, are over 55 chapters divided into preparedness layers:

Layer 1: Chapters 1-14, prepares you for those everyday disasters that have shorter-term effects: power outages, storms, injuries, and evacuations


Layer 2: Chapters 15-31 help you to get ready for disasters that turn out to be much longer-lasting: economic collapse, long term power outages, and pandemics, to name a few

Layer 3: Chapters 32-56 prepares you for the long haul and a complete change of lifestyle, the end of the world as we know it: providing food and water once supplies run out, security, retreat properties, and long-term plans

Similar to its predecessor, 52 Weeks to Preparedness, are the crucial supply lists, action items and expert advice that have helped thousands prepare for the most dire of circumstances.

Packed with Supplemental Information!

One of my favorite additions to the book is the supplemental information at the end of the chapters. This supplemental information will stretch your skills and provides information ranging from how to make multiple water filters, what the great prepper movies to watch, how to build emergency trauma kits and more. This truly is one of the most all-encompassing preparedness resources on the market.


Finally, the goal of The Prepper’s Blueprint [4] is not to promote doom, but to help you find freedom through self-reliance, and through knowledge and skill building. Ultimately, I want to get you and your family to a point where you can not only survive, but thrive in a world that may be permanently altered.

I want to thank all of you for being so encouraging about taking this and turning it into a book. I can honestly say after 4 years since its inception, I am so excited and proud to see that this project has finally come to fruition. I know that you will love the book and the information detailed inside of it will help you be better prepared for whichever type of disaster you are preparing for.