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There’s Nothing Wrong With Sugar

Toxicsugar_large [1]I don’t know about over there in America, but here in Britain we are getting nagged to within an inch of our lives to cut down on sugar. They have put targets on how much sugar we should each have every day. This is the most stupid thing I have EVER heard. Who has the time, or is going to be bothered to work out if they are within the right limits for the amount they have eaten that day?

What nonsense.

The problem isn’t sugar, sugar hasn’t changed, sugar is just as it has always been. What has changed, and why people are getting fat, is they are too bone stinking idle, or too time poor to cook decent food and they rely on the shop-made stuff instead.

Children spend hours and hours indoors on computer games instead of playing outside. That’s why children are getting fatter.

You can’t even blame the people who make these convenience foods. It tells you on the packet what’s in it. If you think there’s too much sugar in it don’t buy it, cook your own. Nobody makes people buy these foods, do they?

The manufacturers of these foods use cheap ingredients that need a good amount of salt and sugar to make them palatable. It’s good business sense if you ask me. Why would you spend a fortune on decent expensive ingredients if people are willing to buy the foods you sell that are full of cheap ingredients?

There is no substitute for good, wholesome home-made meals. You know what’s in ’em, none of those additives to keep them looking good and to make the colours of the food brighter…and not too much salt and sugar.

Years ago girls and boys were taught the basics of food preparation at school. It was called home economics, or domestic science, or even just plain cookery. They were taught how to make real meals. Now they tell the kids to bring in a pizza base (shop bought) and they throw tomato ketchup and cheese on top and call it a home made pizza.

It isn’t anything like a homemade pizza.

The government should concentrate less on giving out sugar targets and more on equipping our children for adult life. Many families need both parents to ¬†work now and they don’t have the time to teach their children the skills they will need to make nutritious meals. Maybe if the government made sure there were decent, reasonably paid jobs out there some working parents could cut their hours or maybe even afford for one of them to stay at home and raise their families.

Blaming sugar for making people fat is like blaming a car for someone getting run over or a gun for shooting someone. It’s the mindsets and actions of the people that are to blame.

Speak to you soon Dear,