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Week 31 of 52: Inventory Management

Keeping your preps organized can be very challenging to say the least. Most of us do not have ideal storage areas and are putting our preparedness and food supplies in every free nook and cranny that is available to us. If you’re not careful, this can lead to an unorganized mess. However, in order to know how much you have and how much more you need, you must to be able to account for it. The reality of this situation is if you are ever truly in an emergency, you want these preparedness items and equipment to be accessible and easy to find when you need it the most.

There is no clear cut way to store preparedness supplies. Some store their like preparedness items in groups (i.e. stored foods, tools, equipment, tack and household items), while others store them according to need (baking needs, short-term food supply, long-term supply, etc.) Whichever way you choose to organize, ensure that the area chosen is free from natural elements and insects. This also helps reduce other pest issues [1]. The best way to keep track of your preps is with a master inventory list. Here are some suggestions for organization and for creating a Master List.

Organizing the Storage Area:

Creating a Master List:

As you have found in the last 30 weeks, preparedness involves acquiring a lot of gear, tools and food. Knowing what you have, how much you have and where to find it is imperative in keeping track of your preparedness supplies.

To learn more tips for organizing your emergency preps, click here [3].

To find out how to better inventory your preparedness supplies, click here [4].

Action Items:

  1. Take all of your preparedness items out of the storage area and thoroughly clean the area.
  2. Organize your preparedness supplies.
  3. Develop a master list of your inventory supplies.
  4. Store the master list in your Emergency Binder [5].

Preps to Buy: