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What if You Are a Prepper

When a person begins to mentally prepare for the unknown, the idea of survival becomes all the more real.  The more one begins preparing themselves, the more aware they become to their surroundings and the dangers that can pose a threat.  

The “What If” Scenario

Many preppers today are chastised because of their use of “what if” situations.  Yet the “what if” scenarios are what many different civilizations have based their defense strategies on as well as used to keep their citizens safe.  Preppers are aware that there is always the possibility of something going wrong or the possibility that a disaster could strike, and they want to be prepared for it.  They are falling back on their survival instincts and  fine tuning it for later use.

What is a Prepper?  

A forward thinker who prepares for possible situations so in the case that the danger actually occurs, they will be able to adapt more quickly to the unforeseen circumstance in a way that it has minimal impact on their lives.

When someone begins to take the initiative and begin preparing for a disaster (man made or natural), it is a long, and soul searching process.  They do not just store canned foods and band aids away for a rainy day.  They will prepare every aspect of themselves: mentally, physically and spiritually in order to be ready when the situation presents itself. 

The Navy SEALs train their soldiers to have situational awareness in every aspect of their lives.  They are trained to have acute awareness of dangers, know where every exit is inside a restaurant, know which persons may have a gun and could be a possible threat.  The SEALs know this because they are trained to think in “what if” situations.

5 Reasons Why You Might Be a Prepper:

  • You have a first aid to kit in the closet just in case a family member may need medical attention.
  • You have water stored for the possibility that the water gets turned off.
  • You have a bag prepared in case you have to leave suddenly.
  • There is a possibility you may be laid off of work, so you are beginning to save money and cut back on frivolous spending.
  • You have always found it necessary to be prepared.


Who Wouldn’t Want a Prepper in the Group?

Most preppers are extremely educated on the vast subject of survival.  They have knowledge on how to grow food, hunt for food, know edible plants in their surrounding location, know how to filter water and know the importance of being prudent.  They place a large emphasis on preparedness in their lives.  More often than not, a prepper is the first member of a group to step up to the daunting task of responsibility. 

Preppers are in all walks of life, and could be living next door.  They are the ones a person wants to turn to if a disaster is near, because they are ones that will have the answers and the necessary skills to keep a person alive.