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What You Need to Do Now: The Pantry Primer

Thanks to our plummeting economy, extra money isn’t as readily available as it was in the past and we are all looking for frugal solutions to acquire a reliable supply of food to use in our everyday lives and to be ready for disasters.

[1]I began following The Organic Prepper’s [2] tried and true solution to this problematic issue by reading her Pantry Primer [3] series. Although I have a food pantry of my own, I wanted to solidify my stockpile and make sure that all my bases were covered as well as learn some new tips along the way. She’s removed all the fuss and confusion out of  planning a pantry and has given you everything you need to know including meal planning, supplementing home canned goods into your pantry, organizing tips to where to store your food stores.

Similar to a squirrel storing food for the winter, her theory is simple: small amounts acquired over time amount to a large stockpile of food to rely on. She provides frugal shopping lists with amounts spent, tips on making larger meals to can for later consumption, delicious recipes, it’s all there.

With the help of the The Organic Prepper [2], my food pantry is even more solid than it was and I have her to thank for the great information she put together. Don’t let the frustration of creating a stockpile stop you. All of the information is literally a mouse click away.

The Pantry Primer

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