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Wheat Meat, It’s What’s For Dinner

We all must prepare for the likelihood of running out of our regular protein sources in an extended emergency. From a dietary standpoint, exploring high protein meat alternatives to incorporate in your emergency preps would be a proactive step in maintaining your caloric and nutritional intake during an emergency.

Wheat meat, also known as wheat gluten and also Seitan is listed as a principal source of protein along with eggs, milk, cheese, lean meat, fish, soybeans, peanuts and vegetables. From a nutritional perspective, wheat meat has 378 calories, 41.4 grams of protein, 1.9 grams of fat, thus making it a viable option for dinner. Wheat meat is made from the protein that the wheat produces, and it is easier to digest compared to real meats. The best part of wheat meat, is it really has no definite taste and can easily be seasoned to take on the flavor of the meat you are trying to substitute it for.

Basic Wheat Meat Recipes Made From Whole Wheat

Stirring Technique:


You’re basically kneading the dough like you would bread and for the same reasons – to activate the gluten. This is nice to know because if the power is out, you can still make gluten. Set this mixture aside for 20 minutes. If longer, refrigerate.

Kneading Technique:

Add two parts flour to one part water in a bowl (i.e. 12 cups flour to 6 cups cool water. Mix with kneading arm. The consistency should be like bread dough and pull away from the sides of the bowl. If it does not, add more four. Mix 5-10 minutes. Now it is ready for the rinsing process.

(This step will separate the gluten from the other products in the wheat flour which has been stirred or kneaded).

Standard Method:

Add water to bowl of rested dough (use enough to cover the dough). Work and squeeze with your hands to loosen the dough (About 10 seconds). When the water takes on a milky appearance and you see specks of bran, pour this water off into another bowl if you want to save the bran and starch (as it contains vitamins, mineral-rich starch, bran and wheat germ). Over a sink, place this dough in a colander (plastic is best). Under a tap of slowly running lukewarm water, work and squeeze the dough with your hands until the gluten starts to hold together and the liquid coming from the dough is clear. It is not necessary to rinse out all of the bran from the gluten. In about 3 minutes or longer, you should have a ball of elastic-like dough. This is the raw gluten. At this point, you can begin to shape the wheat meat into the desired form. Get creative with this meat alternative. The meat lover in you can still enjoy ribs, meatballs, steak, corned beef and ground beef–made even if you’ve run out of meat.

In “The Amazing Wheat Book [1]” by LeArta Moulton, there are some helpful tips to remember when making wheat meat:

Using Gluten Flour:

A kind reader of this website, mentioned that she uses  high gluten flour, this flour does not require washing of the dough and saves time. In a situation of preparedness, we must remember we do not want to waste our water, so even though the flour is higher priced, it is well worth it. When using the high gluten flour, you add the water (or broth) to the flour and seasonings, and then boil it. It doubles in size, so it is very deceiving.

Once the wheat meat is formed, now it’s time to cook it. Some of the simpler ways to cook wheat meat are explained below:

Boiling – This is the easiest way to cook wheat meat is to drop shaped dough into flavored boiling broth (equal amt. of broth & raw gluten. Simmer till liquid is gone (@ 30 min.)

Dehydrator – Make jerky or dehydrated wheat meat by drying in the dehydrator.

Baking – Put wheat meat on a sprayed cookie sheet 350′ oven & bake until pieces appear dry on top, then turn & bake until texture is chewy.

 Meatball or Burger Recipe

*To make Oriental Style Meatballs

Add the above ingredients along with:


Mix all ingredients together and form into balls or desired shape. Bake at 350 degree F on a cookie sheet 20-30 minutes or until firm.

 Veggie Burgers

Add to:

Note: could use dried vegetables, softened


Spoon onto preheated, medium heat fry pan and brown on both sides or place formed patty on a baking sheet and bake 20 minutes or until firm. Serve on bun with your favorite condiments [2]. Makes 14 patties (1/4 c. each).

 Savory Vegetarian Meatloaf


Mix all above and place in oiled baking dish. Bake at 375 for 1 hour. Slice and serve with sweet and sour sauce or gravy.


This article was based on the information provided in The Amazing Wheat Book [1] by LeArta Moulton.

To purchase a cookbook about Wheat Meat or Seitan, consider Cooking With Seitan [3] by Barbara Jacobs

Also, a special thanks to some of my readers and friends on Facebook [4] for their contribution to this article.